Quick Pick Tuesday: Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Souffle Scrub

Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Souffle ScrubPIN IT

Years and years ago when my mum was a Nurse, every Christmas she was given gifts from her patients (mostly chocolates, or specifically Ferrero Rocher – it was AWESOME) and one Christmas she was given a big pot of the Mande Lular Body Souffle from Sanctuary Spa, and at the time we both thought it was the most fantastic, indulgent and luxurious gift she had ever got from a patient!

Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Souffle Scrub ReviewPIN IT

The newest addition to the Sanctuary body care line is the Air-Whipped Souffle Scrub, which, as the name suggests, is a scrub version of the infamous Souffle products, which are like whipped cream and have a lovely consistency that works really well as a body product.  The scrub version is interesting as it’s taken a creamy formula and added scrubby bits, so you’re kind of getting the best of both worlds, although obviously you’re washing the product off so it won’t leave skin feeling the same way.

Sanctuary Air-Whipped Souffle ScrubPIN IT

It’s got the infamous Sanctuary Spa fragrance which you either love or hate – I have quite positive connotations with it but it’s quite strong so I get why not everyone will be a fan; it doesn’t linger though so it’s no biggy.  The scrub itself is lovely and gentle, leaving skin feeling smoother and softer without overly buffed, so it’s a great choice for tan maintenance as it gives just enough buff without removing too much.  Its’ also very well priced for a good sized tub here – link – for £8.

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