Pixi Skincare: Five Stars and One Dud

Pixi Skincare StarsPIN IT

Few things get me more excited than an invite to a Pixi event, and when I was invited along to find out all about the new skincare line, I could not have prepared myself for just how awesome it would be! My initial excitement can be found in post-form here, but now I’ve had a chance to really familiarise myself with the product range, I thought I’d share with you five of my favourites, alongside a product that I don’t like at all, for the benefit of balance.

Pixi Skincare Glow Mud Cleanser and Glow TonicPIN IT

Let’s start off with my absolute favourite product by far, which is the amazing Glow Mud Cleanser.  Firstly, I love the fact that several products have been added to the “Pixi Glow” line, considering the main product that really started the Pixi skincare range is the notorious Glow Tonic.  The Glow Mud Cleanser is just glorious; it’s a balm and a clay and a cream all-in-one, that looks like a mud, but feels like a balm and it really does it all.  It’s hydrating yet deep cleansing, so consequently it works wonderfully as both a day and night cleanser.  Absolutely will be repurchasing this as I cannot get enough of it! I also had to include Glow Tonic in the line-up, didn’t I? I was close to replacing this with the Hydrating Milky Mist (a lovely spray-on hydrator) but it felt wrong not to have it feature in a list of five stars! I won’t bang on too much about it as I’m sure you know all there is to know, but it’s a lovely and gentle chemically exfoliating toner that’s raved about by all who try it.  Both products are £18, and you can find the Glow Mud Cleanser here – link – and the Glow Tonic here – link.

Pixi Skincare Hydrating GelPIN IT

Now to halt the gushing for a moment to focus on the dud, which is the H20 Skindrink. I’ve read other reviews who have really enjoyed using this and I can kind of see the appeal, as it’s a gel formula that feels lot like those water products that create condensation on the skin, but to me, the best way to describe this is like a heavily fragrances silicone gel – it isn’t for me at all and certainly isn’t something I’d want to put on my skin, however, if you’re curious then you can find it here – link – for £24.

Pixi Skincare Exfoliating SerumPIN IT

Now back to the products I love! The Overnight Glow Serum is another in the “Pixi Glow” range and is another product where the formulation is spot-on; I’d say I’ve used this at least five out of every seven days since I’ve had it as it really is wonderful. Whilst it’s an exfoliating product, it’s actually a lovely, hydrating gel that feels wonderful on the skin, sits well under oil or moisturiser, and has made a noticeable improvement to the clarity and tone of my skin.  It’s £26 here – link – and another that I really, really recommend.  The Beauty Sleep Cream is everything you’d want from a night cream – rich but not greasy, nice-smelling without seeming over-fragranced and delicate enough to not upset tricky skin.  It’s a lovely product that I think would suit most skin types other than the extremely oily or dry, and it’s £24 here – link.  Finally, the Nourishing Sleep Mask is a great, intensive product that’s particularly well suited to overly parched skin, since it functions like a mask and doesn’t just absorb, instead staying on the surface to nourish the skin superficially.  Used as an overnight treatment after a good, chemical exfoliation (it works well with the Overnight Glow Serum) this is a lovely once or twice weekly treat for £18 here – link.

I am absolutely thrilled with the Pixi Skincare line, and I really hope it does as well as it deserves and continues to grow, as the products are so well formulated, reasonably priced and mostly do exactly as they promise.

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  • Sophie Bird
    September 3, 2015

    “Infamous” means having a bad reputation. I think you mean ” famous”. I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out. We had to correct the estate agent when he wrote it about the area our previous house was situated in, in the selling brochure!

    • Sascha
      Sophie Bird
      September 3, 2015

      Thanks Sophie! I always thought it could go either way, but apparently not! Need to stop using it in conversation then I think! xx

  • Sophie Bird
    September 3, 2015

    Sascha, that’s fine. Great blog. Unfortunately it helps to encourage my make-up addiction!

    • Sascha
      Sophie Bird
      September 17, 2015

      Ha ha 😀 Sorry…xx

  • beautifulwithbrains
    September 6, 2015

    The Glow Mud Cleanser is really intriguing!

    • Sascha
      September 17, 2015

      Lovely, you need this in your life – it’s amazing! xx

  • Jasmine
    September 9, 2015

    I love the Glow Tonic so I definitely need to try more Pixi Skincare 🙂 I think I will start with the Glow Mud Cleanser as it sounds amazing! xx

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    • Sascha
      September 17, 2015

      You won’t regret it – this cleanser is incredible 🙂 xx

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