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Update: I’ve now added all the prices and any other info that was missing from the original post.  I’ve also noticed that the products are being added online pretty much as I write this, but they haven’t been added to any categories as yet (at the time of writing) so you’ll need to search for each product individually if you want to know more.  

I’m very much getting ahead of myself with this post as there’s not a lot of info available about the new Pixi Skincare line; I don’t know prices, launch dates, or even enough about the full collection to give you a decent overview, but I’m so excited so I just had to share – obviously I’ll do a follow-up post when I’ve had a chance to try the products I have as well as find out more about the range in full.

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It’s about blimin’ time Pixi extended their skincare line since their Glow Tonic is such a massively cult product, but I like to think that they were taking their time to get it just right, and that time is now.  They haven’t mucked about and there’s plenty of products to get you in the mood for a skincare change-up.  First up let’s look at the cleansers, of which there are currently two; Nourishing Cleansing Balm (£18) and the Glow Mud Cleanser (£18), the latter of which I have and it is FANTASTIC.  A (chemically) exfoliating, balmy, slightly muddy product that does it all and does it well. It won’t remove make-up and shouldn’t go anywhere near your eyes, but it will leave skin feeling smooth, plump and generally much improved.  There are also two different types of wipes (Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths and Moiturizing Cleansing Cloths, £10 each) arriving as well as a new facial spray, the Hydrating Milky Mist (£18), which feels exactly as it sounds – Pixi do fantastic facial sprays so if you like a good mist, do check them out.


Now on to the treatment products, all of which are presented in extremely pretty dropper bottles.  There are two serums, Hydrating Milky Serum (£26) and Overnight Glow Serum(£26) as well as the Rose Oil Blend (£26).  I tried the Overnight Glow Serum last night and it has a great, plumping texture that leaves skin feeling treated without any stickiness.  There’s also a 24K Eye Elixir (pictured – £22), a Glow Mud Mask (£18 – YOU WILL BE MINE) and a lip treatment (£14) and Glow Peel Pads (£24) all of which I don’t know much about unfortunately, but I will update as soon as I do.

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Finally on to the three hydrators, two of which I have – Beauty Sleep Cream (£24), which is a light yet nourishing moisturiser and it’s lighter sister, H20 Skindrink (£24) for oilier skin types – as well as the Glowtonic Day Dew (£24).  How awesomely enticing are the names? I just want to try them all based on their names!

Pixi Matte Lustre LipsticksPIN IT

The colour launches are brilliant, although massively overshadowed by the skincare.  When I got the invite to the event I was more excited by the make-up, then I got there and saw all the skincare and that quickly changed! The star product has to be the new Matte Lustre Lipsticks, which are matte but creamy lippies in a great array of shades.  I bagged the two pink shades, obviously, although my swatches make the nude shade look really brown, which it isn’t, it’s more of a muted pink and called Plump Pink, whilst the brighter shade is Pure Fuchsia.

Pixi Matte Lustre Lipsticks SwatchesPIN IT

The new face powders are also very exciting, as they’re multipurpose setting powders that add light and luminosity whilst colour correctin, making them a very handy addition to any kit.  There’s also new brow pencils in three (I think!) shades and a new mascara that I’ll be trying out and sharing my thoughts on soon.  I’m rarely let down by a new Pixi launch but these current ones are easily the most exciting yet, so I look forward to reading other reviews soon, especially on the amazing Glow Mud Cleanser.  Check out Pixi here – link – or at their store in Fouberts Place just off London’s Carnaby Street, but prepare yourself as you’ll want everything in the store…

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