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I’m always eager to hear of new and innovative developments in the world of beauty, especially when it comes to colouring hair, so when I first caught wind of the new Charles Worthington Beat services, I was eager to find out more! The Beat services are basically a collection of cutting and colouring approaches inspired by the anti-traditionalist Beatnik movement of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  As someone who takes joy from anything 60’s related, I was very excited to hear about what was on offer.  The great thing about these is that they’re adapted to modern trends, so you won’t look dated or out of place.

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There are three main Beat services available, starting with the Beat Cut which involves a process called Flip Cutting, where the stylist slightly twists the hair before cutting it.  This gives a bevel effect tailored to suit your face shape, whilst enhancing volume and movement, in typical 60’s fashion.  If you’re after a fashion-forward fringe, then The Drape is predicted to be the big thing for 2016, which sits perfectly with a style that’s been Flip Cut.  Beat cutting starts at £45.Charles Worthington Lash LightinPIN IT

Next is the arrival that I’m most excited about, which is the Lash Layering, a technique that involves adding sun-kissed highlights to hair using a brush similar to a mascara wand – this sort of approach really speaks to me as it sounds like it’ll give a really natural, beachy, “California-esque” finish, which is the sort of thing I love – anything pretty and natural always piques my interest.  The Lash Lights Lash Layering starts at £70.

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The Shaded Halo is the final member of the Charles Worthington Beat family, and it looks and sounds so awesome – I’m desperate to see someone have it done! It involves applying a diamond shaped colour to the crown to add depth and intensity to colour – obviously, it can be done subtly, but much like the image above, it can also be done with a dramatic clash of two colours for a real statement finish.  It’s a new and fresh way to do the, let’s face it, pretty knackered ombre effect, and it also starts at £70.  You can find out more about the services at the Charles Worthington site here.


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