ghd V Gold Classic Styler

ghd V Gold Classic Styler Reviews

ghd is a brand name synonymous with straighteners, almost to the point where you can call your straighteners “GHDs” and people will know exactly what you mean.  I’ve never actually used a pair of ghd straighteners, but I’d heard the rumours of how good they are – I think it’s safe to say they’re one of the best straighteners you can get your hands on – but I don’t have particularly unruly hair, so I wasn’t expecting them to make much of an impact on me.

ghd V Gold Classic Styler

The ghd V Gold Classic Styler is the most versatile and easy straightener due to the fact that it can be used on all hair types and is just the right size for performing a number of styling tasks alongside actual straightening; you can use it to turn hair in or out, add gentle waves or even full blown curls.

ghd V Gold Classic Styler tool review

The ghd V Gold Classic Styler arrives in a beautifully presented box that contains the straighteners and a protective plate guard which is very handy as it allows you to store them away immediately after use.  The straighteners themselves are light, comfortable and easy to use.  I also received a bottle of ghd Heat Protection Spray which I would recommend investing in as it provides protection in a very lightweight finish – you barely feel it at all when on, and I like the fact that you can apply a quick spritz to dry hair before you make a start.  The straighteners are unbelievably quick to warm-up – literally I plugged them in and a few seconds later I heard the ‘ready’ beep; I don’t know how long it is in actual time but it can’t be more than a minute, I would guess even less.  Once heated up you’re ready to rock and they are the perfect width for gently, yet effectively straightening hair.

ghd V Gold Classic Styler  Before

For the benefit of the post (ahem…) I slept with wet hair, which resulted in the lovely, slightly crazy flicks you can see above.  When I woke with hair looking like this, I thought this was a great opportunity to photograph the straighteners and what they can do, since my hair is naturally pretty straight so it would be tricky to present decent before and after pictures that truly demonstrate what these can do.

ghd V Gold Classic Styler after straight

The above picture demonstrates how well they straighten; as you can see, my hair is very straight and this was very easy to do – it took less than five minutes making the whole straightening experience extremely quick which is what I like most of all about the experience of trying these out as I’ve always viewed straightening as a time-consuming, faffy process.

ghd V Gold Classic Styler after curled under

I would very rarely wear my hair so straight, so I thought I’d try these out on pulling hair under to give a more natural (and flattering to me!) finish.  Again, it was very easy to do, you kind of angle it all the way around in a similar way to how you turn straight ribbon curly, then just pull it through the ends if you want it to curl under/over, or start further up if you want more wave or curl.  The ghd V Gold Classic Styler is £129 including delivery and is such a great starting point if you fancy your own set of ghds.

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