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I am stupidly excited about trialling the LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care Liquid Supplement as I’m only eight days in and I already feel like my skin is showing pretty impressive signs of improvement, although of course it’s far too soon to state this oral skin care supplement as a miracle cure that i really, really hope it is.  The LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care is one of four liquid supplements available from the LQ Liquid Health Brand, with the other three being Joint Care, Heart Care and Skin, Hair and Nails.  The Advanced Skin Care version is aimed at treating skin directly and all the ingredients are designed to calm, balance and encourage healthy skin.  Of course this is likely to be a supplement that is dominated by those who suffer from acne, but it’s also designed for any kind of tricky skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis – I think anyone who has skin that would benefit from balance and the treating of inflammation would likely benefit from this.

The main ingredients are Marine Collagen (of which there’s an impressive 5000mg in each dose – a quick search found a Marine Collagen Supplement tablet that appears to be one of the more popular ones, and it contains 700mg) as well as Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc and a variety of skin-soothing vitamins.  I did quite a lot of research before I made a start on these and I found that the most negativity was aimed at the taste of the product itself; all those who persevered were impressed with the results and I’m struggling to find a negative review.  The taste is kind of like what I’d expect orange juice that is out of date to taste like; it isn’t the nicest thing you’ll ever taste, but it’s totally palatable – I have a very low tolerance to products that taste bad but I have no problem with this and I’m already used to it; it’s only 50ml which works out at about four medium sized mouthfuls, so not exactly a nightmare to consume.  After three or four doses I became very aware of the fact that my skin was feeling and looking very plump and hydrated; I can use products that would have previously left my skin in desperate need of hydration (such as various chemical and manual exfoliators) without being left with tight, inflamed skin and I’m actually not using a moisturiser at bed time, instead opting for hydrating serums.  Previously, my skin would drink up serums so I’d have to follow with oil and cream just to get my skin feeling anything close to nourished, but that hasn’t been necessary in the last few days.

Of course this could all change just as quickly – my skin is very temperamental – but I’m quietly optimistic about these liquid supplements and I really feel like they’re making a difference.  They’re not cheap at just under £30 a box for a ten day supply, but you can get a discount for buying three or nine boxes through the LQ Liquid Health site here – link – but even more of a bargain can be found on Boots at the mo where they’ve got 3for2 on various supplements including these, meaning you’ll end up paying £60 for a month’s worth of product rather than £90, which is quite a big difference.  The idea is that you use these daily for three months then go on a maintenance program of 3-4 doses a week (or one every other day, I’m guessing) and if they keep providing the benefits that I believe they are, I’ll 100% be stocking up. I’ll update again in around 10 weeks to let you know the outcome, but if you fancy reading up on the brand, head here – link.

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