Bath Buddies: Olverum Bath Oil


My sheer and utter joy at having access to a bath is showing no signs of abating and I still take immense pleasure in every single dip, so with that in mind, I’m starting a series of posts focusing on my favourite bath products, starting with this wonderfully understated bottle of bath-time chill, the Olverum Bath Oil.


As you can see, Olverum Bath Oil is housed in a basic glass bottle with a black lid, which keeps it nicely neutral, so it would fit in with any kind of bathroom decor, should that sort of thing bother you! In an ideal world it would have a slightly more spill-proof lid, but unless you’re a tad cack-handed like me, this shouldn’t be an issue. It isn’t the cheapest oil on the block, but it’s very concentrated – to give you an idea, the recommended ‘dose’ is 1/3 of a capful (5ml) whereas many similar oils suggest using one or even several capfuls.  This is because the Olverum Bath Oil contains 48% essential oils, so you get that hit of fragrance without having to use lots of product.


The essential oils used include Rosemary, Siberian Fir Needle, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon Peel, Juniper, Lime, Lavandin, Exotic Verbana and Geranium Flower, which all come together to form a scent that is potent and powerfully relaxing, which, to me, is mostly floral with a little citrus that works really well at the end of the day when you want an oil to chill out with.  Interestingly, even though you only use a little, there’s still a little residue on the skin – nothing major, but just enough to let you know that you’ve been soaking in a bath with a bit of oil.  The Olverum Bath Oil is available in two sizes, 125ml for £26 or 250ml for £48, with the former providing approximately 25 baths and the latter 50 baths, both of which can be found here – link.

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