Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation, Creme Concealer, Brightening Powder, Setting Mist and Edge Foundation Brush


I haven’t tried much from the Kat Von D range, other than the bits I imported from the American Sephora, even though I was as excited as everyone else when news broke that the beauty collection was making a UK debut.  In my Sephora-browsing days (I really try not to go on their site now, as the temptation is just too strong) the Lock-It range was the one I was most keen on trying as it all sounds like exactly the sort of products I need in my life as they’re designed to provide decent, buildable coverage that lasts.  Consequently, I called in a few bits and used a voucher to purchase the others, so I give you my Kat Von D Lock-It collection!


I’ve actually had these Lock-It bits for quite some time, but I’ve been holding off posting about them for two reasons; firstly, I was sent a shade of foundation that’s a lot darker than me and secondly I was a bit unsure about how to use the Brightening Powder.  Starting with the Lock-It Liquid Foundation which is available in a really good selection of 30 shades in neutral, cool and warm tones.  I popped into Debenhams to get shade-matched and found I’m a 43 Warm, although I could get away with a 44 Cool too.  It’s well worth mentioning that there are two paler (neutral) shades available, so the range goes really pale which is fab! The shade I have is 46 Cool which is quite a bit darker, so I tried mixing it with a foundation lightener, but I ended up having to use so much of it that I fear it distorted the product too much for me to give it a decent review.  43 Warm is *finally* in stock at Debenhams, so I’ll pick it up soon.  It’s £27 here – link.


Next is the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush, which is the first of the two bits I picked up on my visit to Debenhams when I tried to pick up my shade of the Lock-It Foundation.  This is a great brush packed densely with soft bristles that reminds me of one of my all-time favourite base brushes, The Buffer from Tarte.  However, this is actually a little better to work with as it’s angled, so you can use it to get into all the nooks and crannies and it’s especially well suited to achieving a high coverage finish.  It’s £26 here – link.


The Lock-It Creme Concealer is also available in a fantastic selection of 21 shades which includes a White Out colour for completely neutralising colour.  My colour match was Light Warm 07 which is a really good match and the consistency, as you’d expect, is very creamy.  I was hoping for a really full coverage from this so that I could use it on spot marks and redness, but it does tend to buff down to a medium coverage which I find is better suited to under the eyes, especially since it’s such a lovely texture.  It’s £20 here – link.


Next up is the first of my favourites, the Lock-It Brightening Powder, which I was sent alongside the other bits and I’m so glad I was as it isn’t the sort of thing I would call-in because I’m really not a fan of loose powders, plus it isn’t very clear what it’s for.  Interestingly, this is aimed to work alongside the Creme Concealer to set it in place under the eyes, but I actually used it all over the face (which, according to the blurb on the site, you can do too) and it gives skin the most beautiful glow – I was so impressed and I’ve never known a powder quite like it as it really is amazingly flattering, especially when the sun is out and you want skin to look fresh and glowy.  There are three shades available to suit your skin tone and mine is Petal.  It’s £19 here – link.


The final product in my little Lock-It collection is the Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist, which I am working my way through rapidly and using pretty much every day – it’s usurped all my other setting sprays as it’s just right; it feels like it’s offering a strong hold on application, but once dry you can’t feel it, and, more importantly, you can’t see it either; it doesn’t interfere with make-up but it definitely holds it all in place – on the rare occasion that I forgot to use it, it becomes very obvious, very quickly! It’s a really good product that looks cool and works fabulously.  It’s £20 here – link.

*Concealer and Brush purchased with voucher – other products were PR samples


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