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At the start of the year, I declared that I would be making some serious lifestyle changes, one of which would include upping my water drinking so that I would start drinking at least a litre a day, rather than, er, nothing.  Shock, horror, my enthusiasm waned and I was back on Coke and Sprite quicker than you can say “make mine a six pack”, but I definitely have improved a little and the bkr Bottles have made drinking water – a frankly joyless experience for any time other than when you’re desperate for hydration – a little more enjoyable.


I don’t know what it is that makes them so appealing, I think it’s just that they look so elegant and attractive, plus there’s something rather lovely about the idea of carrying around a glass bottle filled with fresh water.  bkr bottles are available in a massive array of colours and designs, with three main sizes, so you can match them to your outfit and/or style.  They effectively keep water cool (although they’re not a thermos so don’t expect hours, especially if stored in a warm area) and the top has a small handle that allows for easy carrying.  I think the most important element of what makes bkr bottles so special, beyond the gorgeous designs, is the fact that it allows you to stop using plastic bottles, which are such an incredibly unnecessary waste.  The bottles themselves are all glass, housed in a silicone cover that can be removed from the glass for washing, so the design is practical in every sense.  The three sizes are 250ml (£20), 500ml (£30) and 1 litre (£35), with the most designs available in the 500ml variety.  Pictured are the 500ml in Baby, and the 250ml in another variant that I fear may have been limited edition as I can’t see it on their site unfortunately.  Check out the full collection here – link.


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