New From Murad: Summer 2017

There are soooo many exciting new launches coming from Murad, the majority of which I couldn’t wait to get started on.  There’s a big focus on acids and hydration (and how well the two work together) which are both things I always recommend people add to their skincare routine, so it’s exciting that Murad are adding so many new products to their collection.

The Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel is a bi-phase treatment that starts with a pre-soaked swap containing glycolic and lactic acids that work as a retexturising peel. The next step involves a Moisture Infusion Mask that contains Hyaluronic Acid and finishes off the whole treatment.  The easiest way to make a huge difference to skin is acids followed by hydration, so this duo is a fantastic set and I can’t wait to try it.  It’s £40 and you get four treatments in the kit.

There are also Hydro-Glow Food Supplements which are designed to hydrate from the inside, and come with some impressive stats, with 85% of participants in a clinical trial saying they saw more healthy-looking skin.  I’m not a big fan of supplement pills as I really struggle to take them – I have a bit of a pill phobia as one got lodged in my throat years ago (it just sat there and dissolved and it didn’t impact my breathing, in case you’re wondering!) so I usually go for liquid supplements only, but these do sound fab.  They’re £50.

The Rapid Resurfacing Peel is fabulous – I’ve already tried it a couple of times and it’s really lovely.  It’s basically a strong acid and Vitamin C treatment that in an individual sachet that you use a 2-3 times a week.  The acid is 10% Glycolic and there’s also Liquorice Root Extract to calm and sooth skin so that the whole treatment isn’t too aggressive. Expect skin to feel and look smoother, more refined and generally a lot better after a couple of treatments.  These are £35 for 16 sachets – link.

The Rapid Relief Spot Treatment is another of the products I was most excited about, as regular readers will know that I swear by the Murad Blemish Clearing Solution.  This is, as the name suggests, a quick acting spot treatment that promises to make a difference within 4 hours.  You can use it under or over make-up so it’s a handy product to carry around.  I’m not too sure what the price is for this as I don’t have the press release, but I’ll update when I know.

The City Skin duo is a fab idea; an SPF50 for protection during the day and an Overnight Detox Moisturiser for reducing damage overnight – these are the perfect pair for anyone who lives in a city where the pollution levels are high and I love the concept.  The SPF is £45 and a really lovely consistency that I like using.  The Moisturiser is £65 which is also a great texture, but it gave me spots unfortunately so it isn’t one I can keep using.  Find them here – link.


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