A Trio of Hydrating Products from Institut Esthederm


Institut Esthederm are a funny brand, in that you don’t hear a lot about them, yet they have a really solid reputation and pretty much everything I’ve tried from them has been really impressive.  For those unfamiliar, they’re kind of a slightly fancy French cosmeceutical-type brand with a massive range of skincare to suit all skin types and needs.  I’m particularly fond of their hydrating products as I find they offer solid hydration without any of the additional issues that often comes with typically hydrating products.  I’ve been reintroducing myself to a few of their products recently, so I thought I’d share my thoughts in a bit of a revisiting post:


The Cellular Water Spray might be one of the leading products from Institut Esthederm as it’s certainly the product I see appearing most of all in people’s routines. It’s pretty much as it sounds, in that it’s a facial spray based around water, but it’s one of those lovely, refreshing ones that seem to make other skincare – especially anything hydrating – work a little bit more effectively and sink-in to skin with a little more efficiency.  It’s £14.25 here – link.


The Intensive Hyaluronic Mask is a great all-rounder for dealing with dryness and dehydration.  It’s quite a thick mask that feels creamy (hydrating masks are often gel-based, so this makes for a nice change) and quite heavy on the skin, so it’s particularly well suited to those who are especially dry.  You can use it flexibly too, depending on your needs, so you can apply a layer and leave it for 10 minutes for a quick hydration boost, or leave it on for longer (or even overnight) if you need more help with your hydration levels.  It’s £31 here – link.


Speaking of hyaluronic, the Intensive Hyaluronic Cream is one of the beautifully simple yet effective creams that will give you a big boost of moisture without any greasiness or oily residue, making it a particularly great choice for use under make-up, although this is a great cream for day or night.  This was my absolute favourite moisturiser for ages as it’s one of those rare, rich creams that gives you bags of hydration without causing breakouts, so if you’re like me and tend to suffer from extremely combination skin, this is a great choice to try.  It’s £39 here – link.

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