Omorovicza Midnight Menu at the Four Seasons (London only)


I love really indulgent, pampering treatments, so I could not have been more excited about the Omorovicza Midnight Menu launch, which is a treatment designed to be experienced during the evening, ideally as close to your bedtime as possible, to get you totally relaxed and ready for bed, in every sense.  Today, an Omorovicza pop-up is available at the “Omorovicza Midnight Suite” which is available for the next seven days, before the treatment then moves to one of the Park Lane Spa rooms.


The Midnight Menu is available between 4pm and 9pm and starts with a shot of healthy fruit juice, a warm towel and a menu to pick your treatment from.  All Midnight Menu treatments start with a 10 minute back massage to get you really relaxed, the the 30 minute facial follows, finishing with two of the Enhancer treatments, both of which are 10 minutes each.  You then finish with a cup of herbal tea by the fire in the relaxation area of the spa, or in one of the pods if you fancy a quick nap – if you have time to take advantage of these areas then I really would recommend doing so as they’re a great way to finish the treatment as the spa really is stunning and very serene without being too pretentious.


I loved arriving and being presented with a menu as I found that added to the overall feeling of indulgence; there is a lot to be said for attention to detail with these types of treatments, and it’s especially lovely when you feel like you’ve had a lot of say in what direction your treatment takes.  Whilst sipping on my (surprisingly yummy) juice, I had a read of the facial menu and decided on The Restorer, since my skin always benefits from a bit of gentle balancing.  The other facial options are The Detoxifier to deep cleanse, The Brightener to brighten, The Revitaliser to give skin an overnight boost and The Hydrator to boost levels of hydration.  The Enhancers consist of Eye Cooler to give the eye area a pamper, Face Soother to calm and sooth inflammation, Scalp Retreat for a relaxing head massage, Neck Lift to address this often overlooked area (although the Omorovicza facial does include some focus on the neck, thankfully) and finally Feet Relaxer which is a gentle foot massage.


I’m so glad this is a treatment that’s staying as I really, really enjoyed it and I think it’s one of those ultimate treatments that needs to be done properly, so if you can, try and book in for a night at the hotel and have the treatment as late as possible, so you can float off to bed straight afterwards, rather than have to drive home like me! The 10 minute back rub really sets the scene for the whole experience, then the facial is just the right balance of results-driven product use alongside serious pampering, although this is definitely more of a pampering treat above anything else.  The Enhancers I went for were the Feet Relaxer and the Face Soother, the latter of which involved a light massage with cooling rose quartz.  My facial was finished with the new Midnight Radiance Mask which is an overnight mask that hydrates and exfoliates, so I literally had nothing to do when I got home.


This is a treatment that’s all about getting you ready for a good night of sleep in the most relaxing, pampering way possible, so I can’t imagine there is anyone who wouldn’t love this treatment.  It’s currently in the fancy suite until 14th September 2017 before it moves to the other treatments room, which are just as lovely, just with less of a London view.  The treatment costs £150 and you can book by calling the spa team on 0207 319 5480.  Check out the new Midnight Radiance Mask here – link – and you can find out more about the facial treatment here – link.

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