Toothbrushes for Toddlers – How to Get Them to Brush Their Teeth!


You can tell by the background how long ago it was that I took the photos and made a start on this post! Generating interest in teeth cleaning from Teddy has been a lot easier than expected, thanks to the great options available for children; you can get all different types of brushes, from manual to electric, and toothpastes to match.  I find using brushes and tools that display Teddy’s favourite characters or are fun to use make things a lot easier, even on days when he’s less keen. I’ve put together three of the brushes I’ve had the most success with, for various different reasons, so here they are:


Teddy loves, loves, LOVES Disney Pixar Cars and it’s been one of his longest obsessions; from the moment we watched the first Cars film together, he’s been a hardcore Lightning McQueen fan ever since. The Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush comes in a good range of character designs (mostly Star Wars and Frozen, from what I can see) and I got especially excited when I saw there was a Cars one available as I knew Teddy would be all over it.  There’s a Cars toothpaste too, so he can use them as a pair. It’s £14.99 here – link.


If you’re looking to invest in some serious oral care for your little person, the ever-so-fancy FOREO ISSA MIKRO is your best bet; it’s an extremely soft, silicone brush that gently vibrates, so it does a lot of the hard work for you, which is particularly handy if your child thinks brushing their teeth involves shoving the toothbrush into their mouth and leaving it there for a couple of minutes…I also love how these come in bright and fun colours – Teddy has Bubble Blue, but there’s also Fuchsia, Kiwi, Pearl Pink and Sunflower Yellow. Tedd’ys MIKRO split down the side which made it unusable, and this happened after about 4 months, which was rather disappointing, but having had a little Google, it doesn’t seem to be a common problem from what I can tell.  However, at £79 – which is quite the investment for a toothbrush for children – it’s worth keeping in mind.  Find them here – link.


The Aquafresh Little Teeth toothbrushes are so cute and so cheap, making them a great place to start with if you’re dipping your toe in, especially as they do a variety of designs to keep things interesting, and as they’re so budget-friendly, you can use them freely during training without worrying too much if they go at it too hard and bend the bristles, as they’re cheap to replace.  I also like the fact that they have a series of toothpastes to see your child through the stages of teeth development (Milk Teeth, Little Teeth and Big Teeth) and this is actually the brush Teddy reaches for most of all.  The brushes are £2 and the toothpaste is £1.50, both of which you can buy here – link.

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