12 Gifts of Christmas: Alpha-H The Vitamin Profiling Collection

Alpha-H The Vitamin Profiling CollectionPIN IT

I was so excited when I first heard about the Alpha-H The Vitamin Profiling Collection as I thought it sounded like a fantastic skincare set that would make a brilliant gift, so I earmarked it for my 12 Gifts of Christmas series, whilst giving the products themselves a thorough testing.

Alpha-H The Vitamin Profiling CollectionPIN IT

The Alpha-H The Vitamin Profiling Collection contains four, full-sized products in glass-style bottles with droppers.  The products are: Vitamin A for anti-ageing, Vitamin B for moisture building, Vitamin C for enhancing clarity and Vitamin E for emergency repairing.  The idea is that you select each vitamin on a nightly basis depending on what you feel your skin needs at that exact moment – as someone who adjusts their skincare on a daily basis to address the ever-changing issues, this kit could not have been more welcome.

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I have tried all four products thoroughly and I really like both the concept of the kit and the products themselves.  As someone who breaks out easily, I was expecting a 50% success rate with the kit (figuring at least a couple of the products would break me out) but none of the products have caused me any issues.  The one I thought would be the worst for me was the Vitamin E, but it’s actually my favourite of the four, providing gentle, soothing hydrating that’s great when skin feels reactive or stressed out.

Alpha-H The Vitamin Profiling CollectionPIN IT

The Vitamin B is another great choice as it provides a layer of hydration that works really well with other skincare, making it a great choice for those who are prone to dehydration.  The Vitamin C is light and gentle and doesn’t roll into bits, which is an issue I often find with Vitamin C products.  Finally, the Vitamin A is probably my least favourite as I found it the least impactful of the four products, but it still leaves skin looking smoother and more radiant after a few uses.  How amazing would this set be as a gift? As someone who has a lot of skincare, I would be thrilled to open this up on Christmas Day, so for any skincare junkies, this is a total must have.  It’s £49 here – link.

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