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I’ve always had a bit of a battle with getting my lashes to curl, but I could just about make it happen with quite a bit of effort (and a hairdryer) pre-Teddy, then pregnancy decided my lashes needed to be straightened even further, to the point where you can curl them and literally just watch them straighten out within a few minutes.  Consequently, I started looking for help in more long-term treatments and that’s where I found the Nouveau Lashes LVL Treatment.

LVL Lashes Before and After

PIN IT Nouveau Lashes LVL Treatment Before and After


LVL – Length, Volume, Lift – is a treatment that takes around an hour, and involves having your individual lashes pinned into a curl (there are different curl levels available – I always go for the tightest one as my lashes tend to drop after a day or two), then a formula is applied to persuade the lashes to hold the curl.  The final process involves dying the lashes to show off the curl, which, to be honest, is the element I can quite happily leave as the main reason I go for LVL is because of the amazing curl.  However, if you’re looking for an alternative to mascara then this is a great option, but for me it doesn’t really have enough of an impact, as you can see in the pics above.  It really becomes brilliant when you add mascara:

LVL Lashes ReviewPIN IT

Other than the fantastic curl, this other big plus of Nouveau Lashes LVL Treatment is the fact that it’s so low maintenance.  After the treatment, leave it 24 hours then you can carry on as normal, so no special products, no avoiding oils (although of course, the more careful you are, the longer the treatment will last) and you can just enjoy your new, fantastically curled lashes that make pretty much any mascara look amazing.  This is the one treatment that I get done regularly; even though I occasionally get invited to experience it as a press treatment (as is the case with the treatment featured in the above pics), I maintain lashes every couple of months by visiting local salons – I’ve literally just booked in for my next treatment this Friday.  There’s a product range available from Nouveau Lashes to help you maintain your LVL treatment, which is handy, albeit not essential.  There’s a Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser for £14.99, a Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum for £19.99 and the newest addition, the Enhance Mascara (worn in the picture above) for £19, all of which can be found here – link.  You can also find your nearest LVL practitioner here – link.

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