Aurora Light Therapy Face Mask


I’m a huge fan of light therapy and have been ever since I first experienced it in a cheap and cheery spot treatment light absolutely ages ago, and I couldn’t believe how well it worked.  LED Therapy is a big deal and you will usually find it in the very best facial treatments by those who know their stuff, so I always find that reassuring as it wouldn’t get the time of day if it wasn’t so effective.


I spent over a year researching which Light Therapy mask to go for as there are so many options and things to consider, then I came across the Aurora Face Mask on Instagram and was very fortunate to be sent a sample to review.  The Aurora Face Mask is absolutely amazing and really does provide a salon-style LED treatment in your own home.  It’s fantastically well designed, brilliantly effective and provides a huge menu of treatments that will cover every skin need – show me another LED mask that provides such thorough treatments.


The Aurora Face Mask is soft, so it sits around your face, making it particularly well suited to anyone who struggles with the moulded masks – I have a long face, so I always find that moulded masks are too short and miss parts of my face off! The Aurora Face Mask sits very comfortable on the face and attaches with a Velcro fastener that allows you to loosen or tighten depending on your preference.  Once in place, you turn the device on via the attached remote, then select your treatment and chill out for 20 minutes.


For me, there are three things wrong with the Aurora Face Mask.  None of them are big deals, they’re more niggles, but worth mentioning nonetheless.  Firstly, there’s no countdown, which I find frustrating as I like to know how long I have left on a treatment.  I can of course time it myself, but I would prefer it to be on the device just in case I forget to time.  Secondly, the remote has a hook that allows you to attach it yourself so you can move around, but the hook was very flimsy and snapped very quickly.  Finally, there’s no storage provided for the mask which I’m surprised about, as I would like a bag or smaller box to store the mask and ideally travel with it too.


The mask is very powerful and contains a range of strong LED lights that cover all elements of LED treatments.  My favourites are Acne Buster for when I’m breakout out – this is particularly fab for clearing breakouts quickly and gently; Radiant Skin for when I want to make up the next day with a bit more glow (it really works!) and Skin Soother, which I use when skin is feeling a little angry and upset.  I also like Quick Fix for when I want a bit of everything and Skin Booster for when my skin feels generally okay, but I’d like a little bit extra.  It is recommended that you only use one treatment in each session (although you can use it AM and PM) although I will confess that I have used Acne Buster followed by Skin Soother when I’ve had a bad breakout.


The Aurora Face Mask is an extremely well made product that I would expect to last forever.  It’s one of those devices that’s great for anyone who really takes their skincare seriously and wants to move beyond the ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ approach to maintenance.  At £399 it’s definitely an investment, but if you’ve ever considered going to the salon for LED treatments then you could definitely give that a miss and invest in this instead – a product that will give you all the benefits of the salon treatment whilst sitting around watching Netflix at home.  Find the Aurora Face Mask here – link.

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