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I’ve had the Beauty Pie Everyday Great Skin Foundation for a couple of months now so I thought it was time I shared a review.  I’ve been really impressed with my Beauty Pie purchases and I would definitely check them out, as the quality is really decent.  The Beauty Pie Everyday Great Skin Foundation is pretty much exactly as the name suggests and sits in the middle of the road with regards to both coverage and finish, so it provides medium coverage and sits bang in the middle of matte and dewy – it won’t tone down shine but it also won’t leave you looking greasy.


The Beauty Pie Everyday Great Skin Foundation is actually really lovely and perfect for everyday wear, as it improves skin just enough so the look is natural, yet perfected.  It takes the guess work out of foundations if you’re someone who’s not quite sure what you need, as it does everything a good foundation should.  I’ve used it a couple of times and I’m surprised I haven’t reached for it more often; I think it might be because it’s very good on paper and it ticks all the boxes, but it isn’t a ‘wow’ product.  In fairness, though, I don’t actually think it’s trying to be anything other than a steady, reliable base for everyday wear.


If you’re particularly pale like me then you’ll definitely want to check out this foundation as I’m not actually the palest shade, nor am I the second palest shade…I’m the third, which is rare for me as I’m often the very palest; I’m shade 100 Ivory, which is perfect for me.  I note that the shade range appears to be pretty inclusive, going from uber pale to very dark, so that’s definitely a huge plus.  I definitely rate this foundation – it hasn’t blown my mind but it is very good.  Rather oddly, the price is different depending on what shade you go for.  Most shades appear to hover around the £6.50 mark, but it can go over £8 for the palest shade.  How strange.  Obviously those are members prices, with the non-member price fixed at £30 regardless of colour.  Check them all out here – link.

*Purchased by me


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