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Teddy: Five Great Nappy Creams

Today I would like to talk to you about baby bottoms; because...well, why not? I honestly never would have predicted just how obsessed I'd become with nappy creams, but here we are; I'm writing a list of my favourites and I'm genuinely excited to share my best picks with you.  For me, a good nappy cream smells nice, feels good and provides either a soothing quality or an emollient finish.  Below you will find my pick of both categories. T[...]


Teddy: TEN Baby Skincare

I have to confess, I find baby products rather exciting; probably due to the fact that they're still relatively novel to me, plus I really enjoy the idea of pampering Teddy...not that I think he notices, but beautiful baby products are designed to appeal to mum rather than the baby aren't they? Therefore it's safe to say that the luxurious range from TEN Baby Skincare got me extremely excited and thankfully did not disappoint. The range so[...]


Teddy: Simple Baby Products

When Teddy's arrival was just a few weeks away (over 7 months ago now!) the lovely people at Simple kindly sent me a pack of their Baby products to use on my Little Man when he arrived.  All babies have sensitive, delicate skin and Teddy's is particularly bad; he reacts to all sorts of fragrances and formulations which often result in anything from mild rashes to full blown hives.  Thankfully it's easy to control, I just have to use very gentle[...]