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Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Sheer Lip Colors

Now we come to my favourites from the Bobbi Brown Hot Collection, which are the Sheer Lip Colors.  I mentioned in my intro post here that I hadn't tried any of the existing Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colors which is very strange considering just how much I love both Bobbi Brown and balmy lip products, but there you go!  In all the pictures it's from left to right, Pink, Orange and Berry.   As expected, the three shades from the Hot Co[...]


Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Cheek Palette in Pink

I'm still brimming with excitement over the Bobbi Brown Hot Collection, and having had a good play with the products I have, the joy is showing no signs of subsiding.  Check out my intro post here to find out more about the full collection as today I'm focusing on the limited edition Cheek Palette in Pink. There are three Cheek Palettes available as part of the Hot Collection, with the other two shade variants being Calypso for medium skin[...]

Bobbi Brown Hot Collection

I am extremely excited about the launch of the Bobbi Brown Hot Collection as it's full of gloriously bright pops of colour in a choice of finishes that all make me lust for Summer.  It's inspired by Florida which is the hometown of brand face Kate Upton, so it's all about nude eyes with a slick of liner, pretty cheeks and a pop of strong colour on the lips.  This is often my go-to look when I fancy making a bit more effort so I couldn't wait to[...]


Bobbi Brown Illuminating Nudes

Another perfectly timed and perfectly formed collection has launched from Bobbi Brown, the Illuminating Nudes, which are every bit as lovely as they sound; products in muted, nude tones designed to add a hint of enhancement and a nuance of colour, perfect for anyone who prefers to look well rather than well made-up. January is the sort of month where everyone hits the reset button which is why I think this collection is so well timed - now[...]


12 Gifts of Christmas: Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio

I think the two leading products from Bobbi Brown (other than their base range) are either the Shimmer Bricks or the Lip Glosses - certainly when I think of the brand I immediately associate the line with a beautiful, flattering pink lip gloss.  For Christmas, Bobbi Brown have released their usual array of gorgeousness which includes some seriously well-priced and beautifully edited collections such as this Lip Gloss Trio. The Bobbi Brown[...]

Bobbi Brown November Promo – Act Quickly!

  They don't do them often, but when they do, the bods at Bobbi Brown know how to do a great  gift with purchase! For the next 24 hours you get the above kit if you spend more than £70 online.  Yup, £70 is quite high, but if you had planned to treat yourself to anything or pick up some Bobbi Brown Christmas gifts then it won't be hard to meet that minimum spend and you get that gorgeous palette for free! Obviously I'd recommend keeping it[...]


Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes Creamy Matte Lip Colors

The newest Bobbi Brown launch is the Smokey Nudes collection, which, as the name suggests, is a collection of nude shades with a smokey finish - a lovely, easy-to-wear collection that will please those of use who always favour a nude eye but wouldn't mind sexing it up a bit.  One of my favourite looks of all time is the nude smokey eye (it was always what I went for on nights out - back in the day when I had a social life and didn't deem a night[...]