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Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements

As soon as I heard about the newly launched Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements palette I knew it would be something I would love and I made a note to pick it up as soon as I was near a Superdrug (I try really hard not to order online from the Makeup Revolution site as I'm not capable of ordering just one thing) but thankfully I was lucky enough to be sent it at the end of last week. The moment it arrived I got snapping as I wanted to use it[...]


Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts – New Shades

I'll hold my hands up and say that I never really got carried away with the excitement that arrived with heart-shaped face colour products.  First of all the Too Faced Sweethearts launched to mucho mayhem, then Champions of the Dupe, Makeup Revolution, released their Blushing Hearts in an array of colours and uses with three types available - blushers, bronzers and highlighters.  I have one of each to show you today. First up, I will say[...]


Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette

Honestly I find it exhausting trying to keep up with the new releases from Makeup Revolution, so I can't imagine how the creators behind the brand feel! There seems to be newness on a weekly basis, with the most recent arrivals being the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro palettes, of which I was lucky to receive the Iconic Pro 1. Makeup Revolution are most famed for creating affordable dupes and apparently these Iconic Pro palettes are impressiv[...]


Hourglass Ambient Lighting vs Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

I had a (completely unnecessary yet very, very wanted) Makeup Revolution binge last week that included all shades of the *amazing* new Lip Lavas - more on that soon - and the new Radiance Palette which is a trio of highlighters.  I use heavy coverage products which can leave my skin looking a little flat, so highlighters add light to my face and stop it looking too one dimensional.  Consequently, I have worshipped at the feet of the infamous Hou[...]


Makeup Revolution Protection Palette

If you're someone who is all about that base ('bout that base...is it in your head now?) then Makeup Revolution have released yet another product that'll be right up your street.  The Protection palettes contain a selection of seven base essentials and are available in four different colour variants depending on skin tone, so there's Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark; I have the Light one. In each palette you get three different to[...]


Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette

What is it about a beautiful palette of eyeshadows that gets everyone going so easily? Is it just the excitement of such a high concentration of make-up in one portable collection? Or maybe it's how it can get the creative juices flowing with the suggestion of possibility; think of all the looks you can create! Whatever it is, a wonderfully edited palette is something I will never tire of seeing, which is handy since Makeup Revolution appear to ma[...]