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  1. Happy to see makeup revolution/a more affordable brand on here! Some of the other products you review look great but a tad pricey. I’d love to see more make up revolution product reviews and small palettes-maybe eyeshadow palette reviews. I like that you describe honestly how the concealers are, especially as someone with acne prone skin (like I have) – so many beauty bloggers seem to have already almost perfect skin and I dont feel they really need concealer for blemishes or under their eyes or can honestly say how good it is as they don’t have much to cover up!

    1. Thanks so much for all your comments, Sophie! I know what you mean about pricing – unfortunately I do tend to lean towards the more expensive brands, but I’ve also found some great bargains lately which of course include the insanely good Makeup Revolution launches!

      I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said about the concealer reviews from bloggers with great skin; I always find it quite astounding when they review high coverage products as how could they possibly know whether it works or not?! xx

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