Memebox Special #42

I really do think that 2015 will be the year when we see Korean beauty have an even bigger influence on new arrivals and releases, and well-deservedly too, since Korean beauty is impressive, innovative, wonderfully presented and packed full of great things that are fun to play with.  If all of the above appeals then how about having it all presented in a beautiful pink box of goodies? I've posted about Memebox before but just as a refresher, they[...]


Memebox Special #33: K-Style 2

Ah Memebox, how happy I am when I get a text message informing me you're on your way and spend a few days wondering what joyful, beauty madness is in store, then I'm rarely disappointed! Memebox is such a wonderfully fun way of finding and trying new products in all categories that sit under the beauty umbrella; I've had skincare boxes, mixed boxes and the Memebox Special #33: K-Style 2 is a make-up only box and definitely my favourite to date.[...]


Memebox #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics Box

In the heavily saturated beauty box world, it takes something quite special to get hearts a'fluttering again, but Memebox have done it and they've done it really, really well! If you're unfamiliar, Memeboxes are themed boxes that you order as and when you fancy one.  For example, you can decide you want several and order them all at once, or buy one here and there, or treat yourself regularly and the boxes provide extremely good value for money.[...]