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Valentine’s Ideas: The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection

If you've left it this late to do your Valentine's buying then boy have I got a great idea for you; will you just look at the beauty that is The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection? It's like buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers in toiletry form! The Smoky Poppy Collection comes presented in a really attractive presentation box, with three products enclosed; the Smoky Poppy Shower Gel, Smoky Poppy Body Butter and a seriously cute Poppy Sponge[...]


Mask Monday: The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3in1 Scrub Mask

As my mask obsession shows no signs of waning, I've decided to make a regular feature reviewing my recent mask usage which I'll aim to post every Monday, for no other reason than because "Mask Monday" sounds a lot better than "Mask Thursday" or similar....Moving on; The Body Shop have several lovely potted masks that contain very natural looking, thick masks that really appeal to my virtuous side (I do have one) as there's something about scoopi[...]

The Body Shop Hand Creams

Here's a super quick heads-up on the lovely new hand creams that have recently arrived at The Body Shop.  You really can't beat The Body Shop for fab value products, can you? These are a great example at only £3.50 a go for 30ml tubes, so you can stock up and keep them dotted all over the place like in the car, in your bag and at work, leaving no excuse for dry hands.  The arrival of these is particularly well timed considering we are heading i[...]


The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Collection – NOTD in Mint Cream

24 gorgeous, colourful shades make-up the new The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Collection, which selected stores will start stocking today.  As you'd expect from The Body Shop, these polishes are free from any nasties and are very well priced at £5 a pop.  Out of the shades I was sent, I wanted to try something a bit different rather than going for my usual pink or pink-leaning, so I thought I'd have a go at Mint Cream. I'm still pants at[...]


The Body Shop Beauty Gems

Any beauty obsessive will no doubt have at least a couple of The Body Shop goodies in their regular use stash; my personal favourites are several shades from the Colour Crush Shine Lipsticks and pretty much anything in the Cocoa Butter line - there's just something about the smell of it that gets me every time - so The Body Shop have put together a collection of their most popular products and called these products, quite accurately, Beauty Gems.[...]


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection

At least every week there is a beauty product I become obsessed with.  Most of the time, thanks to my job, it's something soon to launch that I spend far too much time thinking about and I remember feeling like this about "powder in a brush" bronzer from The Body Shop years and years ago.  I had decided I wanted to get a bronzer and I came across the idea of a brush that contained the powder within the casing; I remember thinking this was a geni[...]


The Body Shop Body Sorbets

I think it's safe to say that these new launches from The Body Shop, Body Sorbets, are going to be extremely popular as soon as the sun really starts shining! The Body Shop Body Sorbets are sold as 'a frosty burst of moisture' which is spot-on; they're an extremely cooling gel formula available in five fragrances: Strawberry, Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma and the floral fragrance of Moringa. I have all the fragrances apart from Satsuma, a[...]