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  1. I’m not a big lipsick fan, as I’m not huge fan of drawing attention to my lips, but these look interesting, being lip butters as well as lip sticks.

  2. What a lovely selection of colours, you seem to get your hands on some ver nice goodies! I’m following on FB and have updated my status x

  3. These look amaaaazing! Especially the Strawberry Shortcake and the Cotton Candy ones. Can’t wait for them to come here so that I can try them.

    ps.I will be tweeting about the competition, so that others will find out about it, but don’t enter me, as I won your last giveaway.

  4. I’m so excited about these lip butters I actually made a note in my diary on March 14, haha.
    I tweeted about your giveaway with the name @BSmudges.

  5. would love to try the Revlon Lip Butter. the strawberry shortcake looks lovely 🙂 im tweeting and following on fb and updated my status

  6. Mmm – loving the Strawberry Shortcake but I often wear a dark plum in the summer – I tan easily so think I can get away with a darker colour too x

  7. All very pretty, would love to win one! I am following you on twitter @dani_dutra and have retweeted!

    Good luck to all!


  8. Very pretty!

    I am following you on twitter @dani_dutra and have re-tweeted!

    Good luck all!


  9. Following via twitter as @campbell_hayley and just retweeted the giveaway!

    following via GFC as Hayley 🙂

    tutti frutti and berry smoothie look amazing!


    thanks! x

  10. I cannot wait for these to come out in the Uk! They look like a great alternative to the Chanel, which I know I would use up way to quickly to justify the price tag! Have retweed 🙂 xx

  11. I’m glad to see Revlon coming out with something like this. I remember wearing their lipsticks when I was younger and thought they were dry!

    I’ve tweeted about your giveaway 🙂

    @KookyKaty xx

  12. WOW – look amazing!

    Followed n RTd – @bezzzzza
    Liked n updated status – @Tracey Anne Berry

  13. Ι got berry smoothie on the mail yesterday. I loved it and I want to try many more.
    I’ve followed you and tweeted about your giveaway

  14. Ahhh so excited about this, the plum looks lush and I live the pinky one also 🙂 great review yet again. (lower case) tweeted too 🙂 love jo P.S don’t for get to make a trip to Tx Maxx for thoses candle options Xx

  15. I love these! I have 3 that I bought over Ebay from the US and I am loving all shades–including Tutti Frutti, which looks really wild but is surprisingly wearable. Looking forward to the launch on 14th of March. Cannot wait as I’ve decided I want all the colours!!!

    1. I know exactly what you mean as I want them all too! They’re all so pretty, especially the pink ones xx

    1. I’m sure I could do another one if I could actually get hold of them as they’re nowhere to be found due to their popularity! xx

  16. I still haven’t got my hands on these SOLD OUT all the time! They look gorgeous ♥


    1. Tell me about it! Everywhere I’ve looked there isn’t one left, which is really annoying as I’ve got my eye on a particular shade that I really, really, REALLY want xx

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