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  1. This is really interesting.. I’d never think to go on Ebay for a peel! Thanks for opening my eyes!

    1. Thanks Jane! They are a really, really good shop who I’ve used on and off for years. The creator is incredibly knowledgeable (when you can persuade her to answer your e-mails) so there are amazing deals to be had that work out soooo much cheaper than high-street prices xx

  2. Hi Sacha

    I too have used Forever Young peels for years now so has my mum, we think they are great value and had no problems with the products. I went to order my next batch of products the other day and the shop has disappeared, any idea what has happened? am gutted!


  3. I think that some of the products from SR-Skincare are superb and uniquely so, but watch out, they keep reformulating them! A few of the newer formulae are actually pretty bad – irritating and more chemical. No idea why they changed from such great natural formulae. Most are still good though.

    Also they are not exactly customer-servicy. It’s quite weird actually. You’ll be lucky to receive a reply to an enquiry and don’t ever expect any empathy, thanks, apologies or concessions! They often ignore customers and even leverage opportunities to charge extra!

    I find that behaviour really off-putting 😐 It’s a shame because they have a lot going for them product-wise. Add proper customer care and they could really rock it.

    1. Thanks for the update Lola. I do think they’ve been taken over by another company (although that’s purely speculative) and it’s disappointing to read that they’re not doing a great job. It’s a real shame as they used to be a fantastic company that did truly amazing products! xx

      1. Hi Sascha

        I’m Kelli from SR-Skincare (or Forever Young as we used to be known as). I’ve recently been taking over the customer service and marketing for the company. We’ve not been taken over by another company, but we did recently move premises and had a name change. We can now be found on our websites and We no longer sell on Ebay but we do have distributors who buy our products in bulk and sell them in their own Ebay stores. Other than manufacturing the products we have no affiliation with these companies.


    2. Hi Lola

      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with customer service from us. We are a very small, local run business with small staffing levels and we concentrated more on ensuring products were packaged and sent out as soon as possible. We have now extended our staff base and I myself now deal with customer service enquiries by email which are always answered promptly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you ever do need any help, assistance or even just skincare advice then I’ll always be happy to help and you can contact me on

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