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  1. I am so in love with these! I am soooo jealous! I can NOT wait for these to be released! I need them in my life now! lol

    1. They are soooo pretty! I really want the pink and blue one; I’m not normally into blue, but they create such a realistic eggshell effect that I’m thinking blue is an essential shade (I always associate the shade of blue with eggshells) xx

  2. Welcome to the world of Illasmqua nail polish then 😀 I can assure you that you will be hooked! Their colours are bold and unique, the quality and wear is amazing 🙂 I own several of their polishes and I love them – on sale you can catch quite a few of them for 5£ which is a total bargain. But I am not too sure about the new ones that will come up on Friday… I love the concept behind the whole collection, but I think I need to see more about the nail polishes before I consider to buy any of the colours. They remind me of some indie colours, which is fine, but I really need to see more.***

    1. Oh don’t remind me; I was on their sale listings last week and there are sooo many shades knocked down to a fiver that it took every ounce of strength to logoff! I’m so impressed with the formula so I’ll definitely be trying out more soon. I really love the Speckled shades, but I think you’ve got to be into the idea of textured/printed nails otherwise you’ll just find them odd! xx

      1. Now you can always get ready for the Summer sale and you know what to expect in terms of nail polish 😀 although i have to admit that I don’t remember seeing so many shades for 5, but they did notice an increase in sales during that period so it’s good for them too. I like texture, I am looking forward for the leather effect from Nails Inc (the polish only) and for some others, but in case of the Illamasqua maybe I just need to see them live to give them a proper opportuninty 🙂 I will be buying the BB cream soon, but I will only use it once I finish the products that I am using at the moment (just taking advantage of the offer – I am a sales addict) ***

        1. They did seem to add a load for the last few days of the sale and I really was soooo tempted. I’m glad I didn’t though as I’ve still got a backlog to get through!

          Look forward to to hearing what you think of your chosen BB Cream; I admire your discipline for waiting it out! xx

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