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  1. I re subscribed to BB last month and was really happy with the Box. This one looks even better- so hope I get this box as I would use and enjoy every single item in it. Possibly the best beauty sub box I have seen yet!

  2. This will be my second BirchBox. I thought last months was good but this one looks amazing, I’m in love with everything, even the little Brazil bag everything comes in.

    Really can’t wait to try everything, I’ve always bought make up sponges off eBay and have loved them, will be interesting to see what differences I notice and whether or not I get converted! The mini OPI’s are gorgeous as well and I really like all the different shades I’ve seen people receive so far.

    1. It’s truly a box to get excited about. I definitely think you’ll convert to Beautyblenders once you try them as they are so fab for base application xx

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