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    1. It’s interesting that they haven’t really mentioned that much over here, for some reason! Thanks for the info xx

  1. LOC was created by Tati from Glam Life Guru on YouTube, she is honestly amazing, she uploads a video almost every day and she 100% knows her shit. I love the idea of Beauty Box subscriptions as it would perk me up every month but wouldn’t it just drive you crazy if they sent you something you already own? Nevertheless, a great haul of products here!

    Kiran |

    1. Ah that’s really interesting, thank you!

      I know what you mean – but as each box usually contains five or six things, I don’t think you’d be too bothered if you already have one or two of them xx

  2. I’m going to HAVE to start subscribing to Birchbox..I love the look of that shadow stick.

    Hannah x

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