Claire Louise Crimson Set (Holiday Heroes)


I was really fortunate to be sent some fantastic bits and bobs to take away on my recent holiday, which included a great mix of decadent beauty alongside handy and practical items, with a few products that straddled both, such as this duo from Claire Louise.  The Crimson set – which consists of a large beach towel and a matching Wash Bag – is an extremely attractive design consisting of bright and beautiful pinky red flowers on a sea blue background.  I love the fact that the duo match as it was a really nice touch having a coordinated set.  The Wash Bag was a brilliant size, particularly for storing skincare and SPF, which the towel was equally decent in size so I could use it to wrap around myself after a swim.  Both products are £29.99 each and can be found here – link.


Since we’re on the topic of towels, I just want to also give a quick shout-out to the Theye Compact Beach Towel, which is made out of micro-fibre suede, so it’s extremely absorbent and the perfect product for using straight after stepping out of the pool or sea – the one thing I really struggled with when on holiday was getting dry quickly enough after a swim, as I hated sitting around feeling damp for hours, especially as I wanted to keep my options open just in case I fancied another swim, so this towel was very handy for absorbing moisture effectively, plus I really liked the fact that it was compact enough fold up into the included pouch (pictured) so it’s great for travelling.  I would also imagine it’s quite handy for the gym, although it’s pretty big so you might want to cut it up.  It’s £9.99 here – link.

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