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  1. The L’Oreal mascara is part of my favourites too. I agree it dries too quickly, but it’s not a real issue because I go throw them just as quick. eheheh
    I’m really curious to try the Revlon concealer (and the foundation too), it’s going to be one of my next purchases.
    I really loved to find this blog!

    My Boudoir

    1. Thanks so much Susana! I’m exactly the same with mascaras – I think you’re better off buying a fairly cheap one and replacing it once a month instead of investing in anything fancy, but of course I get swayed by some of the lux brands, especially Lancome mascaras which are amazing!

      The Revlon concealer is truly fantastic – one of those really amazing products that should get lots of credit xx

    2. Sorry Susana, me again! Just tried to click through your blog link and it’s only for invitees! I realise this might be intentional, but I figured you’d left a link on my blog to encourage people to visit yours, so I thought I should flag it up! xx

      1. Thank you so much for letting me know. I changed the blog address yesterday and for some reason it worked fine for some hours and then returned to the old one so now people are getting that message. Let’s hope this one works well from now on. 🙂

        My Boudoir

  2. What a brilliant selection of favourites! I will pick up that mascara to try soon, I have been curious about it. I have that concealer but it’s not my favourite. It looks dry under my eyes but maybe because I have mature skin? 🙁

    1. Oh no, that’s a shame! I’m prone to dryness but I find it works really well for me, although I do have really well prepped skin first which obviously helps. Definitely give the mascara a go, it’s really fab! xx

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