Quick Pre-Bed Facial

Quick Pre-Bed Facial
Whilst this isn’t a facial in the usual sense (I don’t allocate a lot of time to cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masks etc) I really like to do these steps on days where I feel my skin is crying out for a boost. If you’re short oftimebut need to put some glow backinto your facial skin, then this is a really good mini-facial to try:

Firstly, I remove all my make-up with a facial wipe. I only ever see facial wipes as a make-up remover and never as something that can replace a decent cleanse. The facial wipes I love at the moment are Neutrogena’s Hydrating Cleansing Wipes as they’re very soft and gentle on my skin, are very moist (so there’s no scrubbing as they easily glide across the face) and the best part is that they remove eye-make really easily, including waterproof mascara. The other benefit of using a cleansing wipe is that it removes enough of the surface dirt to prepare my skin for a more thorough cleanse.

I then move onto using my Nutra Sonic Face Brush. If you don’t have access to a Sonic brush like the Nutra Sonic or Clarisonic, then a standard brush like The Body Shop’s Facial Brush will suffice, although obviously the result won’t be as good. I start by opening up my pores with a flannel (wash cloth)soaked in hot water. I make sure my face is damp before applying a cleanser which I work into the skin. I’m currently trialing Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense which works really well with my Nutra Sonic – review to follow soon. This is the most time-consuming part of the Pre-Bed Facial, as I like to really spend time working the cleanser into the skin with the brush. It still only totals about 3-4 minutes and once this is done, I use the flannel again, this time in cooler water to both close the pores and remove any residual cleanser.

After this, I use a facial oil to give my skin a massage. I’m currently using Sanctuary Therapists Facial Oil which I really like as it feels very nourishing, doesn’t upset my acne-prone skin and absorbs really well. I allocate a few minutes of massage before allowing the oil to settle in whilst I apply an eye cream. I then apply a moisturiser over the top of the oil (if my skin is showing signs of dehydration, if not then I’ll leave it at just the oil) and I apply a spot treatment to any spots that I might have.

This thorough cleanse followed by a nourishing treatment oil results in me waking with lovely, plumped skin with reduced signs of stress and tiredness, I tend to do this a couple of times a week as it takes less than 15 minutes and is really effective.


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