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A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Lisa Connell. Lisa is most famous for her continual fundraising efforts for charities associated with brain tumours which she got involved with after her own diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumour in 2006. Consequently and with the support of her sponsors, she decided to set up as a beauty therapist specialising in HD Brows, LVL Lashes and Nouveau Lashes amongst other specialist treatments. I booked in to see her to find out more about HD Brows but also ended up having the LVL Lash treatment, however, I’ll start with the HD Brows.

HD Brows is a seven step treatment suitable for all brow shapes and densities aimed at creating the perfect shape. The seven steps are:
1. Preparation and Assessment
This involves analysing the brow and face shape to establish what shape will best suit you. This is discussed, taking into account what sort of brow shape you like and what will be best for your features.
2. Tinting
Tint is applied to your eyebrows before any hair removal and shaping starts. It’s usually recommended to go quite a bit darker than your natural colour to give your arches strong definition and bring out the colour of your eyes. However, there is a mid brown colour, which is the one I went for as I don’t like brows to look too harsh.
3. Waxing
Hairs are taken from underneath the brow using wax to create the best definition.
4. Trimming
Any long hairs are trimmed to fit within the new brow shape. This makes it a lot easier to maintain the brow shape at home.
5. Threading
The fine, downy hairs above the eyebrow are removed using the threading technique which again ensures maximum definition.
6. Tweezing
Any stray hairs that didn’t get removed by threading or waxing are removed with tweezers.
7. Finish
A tonic is applied to calm the brow area down, then a mineral powder is applied to reduce and camouflage any redness. Then the Brow Beater (like a hairspray for your brows in the format of a mascara type wand) is used to hold brows in place. Once this is done, any sparse areas are filled in with either powder or pencil and you are shown how to do this for future reference.
By the time the after picture was taken, my mascara had been removed in preparation for my LVL Lashes treatment (blog review to follow).

At first I was really shocked with my new brows (apparently this is a typical reaction!) as they looked so different and highly defined. After a day or two I started realising the huge difference they make as not only do they look fantastic, but they’re also a real time-saver. If I want to look polished I can fill them in and make them look really defined, or if I’m going natural then all I need to do is set them in place with a brow fixer which takes all of about 10 seconds. I’m such a believer in having well maintained brows as they make you look polished and well-presented with so little effort.
A lot of people wonder what the difference is between normal brow treatments and HD Brows. Here Lisa explains: “HD Brows are like no other treatments currently available on the market. If you go for a wax, generally the beauty therapist will work around your existing eye brow shape, which may not be ideal. If you have threading they simply whip them off. With HD Brows you get precise measurements all made to the contour of the clients face; everyone is different. We can even help to reduce the appearance of uneven brows; HD is not just about shaping it’s also about training the brows to grow. I get calls from clients saying that they can’t have HD Brows as they have no brows and are despondent as they feel that there is nothing I can do with them. Imagine their surprise when 6 months later with perseverance and the guidance of HD brows they have their own eye brow hair!”

HD Brows is aimed at helping you change your brow shape to one that you’re not only happier with, but also one that ensures your brows are doing the best they can to frame your face and make your eyes pop. As Lisa says, “HD Brows are suitable for EVERYONE, even those without much brow hair can achieve their perfect brow.”

I am definitely a convert and will be visiting Lisa regularly to maintain my new brows and after seeing my results, Mother Geek has also planned to come along for new brows too!

To find out more about HD Brows click here.
Lisa is available to treat in North London and has practices in Barnet, South Woodford and Southend. To visit Lisa’s website click here and to visit her regularly updated Facebook page which features lots of “before and after” pictures of clients who have had the HD Brow treatment click here.


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