Living Nature Cleansing Clay Peel

I first became aware of Living Nature when they included 3 samples of their products in Decembers Feel Unique Box.  Recently I was given the opportunity to sample the range further, so I visited the Living Nature website to be faced with a gigantic range of products that cater to a huge amount of issues and all skin types.  I was seriously blown away by the massive amount of options available, so it was very tricky to narrow down the products I wanted to try!

The Cleansing Clay Peel is a clay peel designed to absorb all sorts of skin nasties whilst exfoliating the skin.  You apply it sparingly, allow it to dry and then rub it off.  I tread carefully with clay masks as I hate the way they dry, crack and start falling off all over the place, but this applies in a really thin layer that doesn’t crack at all.

The mask comes in individual packs which I’m not usually a fan of as I don’t like the idea of being told that the purchase I made is only good for six uses, but I think Living Nature have paid attention to this kind of reaction as there are ten sachets of the mask included so you’ll get ten masks in total.

I inaccurately predicted how long it would take to dry as I thought it would be the standard 10-15 minutes, so I planned to remove my nail varnish during the drying time, but it actually took a matter of minutes to go tacky meaning that it was ready to be removed.  Once dry, the mask was quite tight which is typical of a clay mask so I was worried it would take some serious effort to remove.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that it buffed off really easily.  The directions suggest that you hold the skin with one hand whilst rubbing the mask off in a upwards direction, but I found it easier to move in circles across my face until it was all off.  When you’re buffing it off, it comes off like a dust and leaves a slight clay film on your face, but this is easily removed with either water or a toner/cleansing water.  I had a couple of dried out spots that the mask clung too, so I involved my exfoliating sponge to buff these bits off and it worked a treat, although I think the use of the sponge was more due to my lack of patience rather than a necessity.

Another good look for me, I’m sure you’ll agree….

After the mask, my skin was seriously smooth; easily smoother than I’d experienced from other masks or exfoliators.  My skin looked more even and much less oily, but it didn’t look stripped of moisture or dried out. I would highly recommend this as a treatment mask for anyone with very oily, oily or blemish-prone skin as it’s a very effective clay based mask and certainly one of the better ones I’ve tried.  It also really smooths over the skin surface and if you add that to the fact that it’s an easy to use treatment that only takes a few minutes to apply and dry, this’d make a great pre-night out mask to get troubled skin behaving and smoothed over in time for make-up application.

I believe this mask wouldn’t suit anyone with very dry skin as whilst it didn’t dry my skin out, it did absorb the oiliness really effectively and of course if you’re prone to dryness then that’s not what you want!

All in all I’d definitely recommend this as an effective treatment mask for anyone with oily or blemish-prone skin.  The application is easy and you don’t have to deal with the typical ‘cracking face’ that often comes with clay based masks, therefore I’ll definitely be adding this to my at home facial regime.  It costs £18.40 for 10 sachets and is available at the Living Nature online store here.

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