Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Blonde

This was one of those purchases where I had absolutely no justification for it other than thinking it was ever so pretty.  I swatched it at the Mac counter, then my reasonable, rational mind talked me out of the various motives I was reaching for (but it’s pink! And shimmery! IT’S SHIMMERY PINK!!!) and then as if on autopilot I went straight home and ordered it.  I wanted to try the Fix+ and as that’s never in stock at my local counter, I decided to purchase it online, bumping the order with this so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping.  

I have to say, I’m really pleased I did because regardless of whether I manage to get long-term use from it or not, it really is very pretty.  It’s a blusher with 4 separate streaks of pink shimmer that can (in theory) be used individually, or swirled together to give a pale, ever-so-slightly rusty-coloured pink finish.  
It’s seriously shimmery and whilst I haven’t used it alone as a blusher yet, it does layer beautifully over my latest love – Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Blush – to create a lovely, healthy, dewy finish.  I apply it in typical highlighter fashion; with a big brush I ‘C’ shape it from my brow to my cheeks. 
I have a cut healing on the right hand side there, sorry to include it in the pic….
The pigmentation is really impressive for a highlighter which I guess is a good thing, although I prefer highlighters that have a buildable intensity so I can decide how much of a punch of colour I want from it.  However, with a nice and fluffy brush, it looks very natural and is all about the shimmer and thankfully not about the glitter.  
I think it would be tricky to use the individual strip as blushers, but they could work really well for smaller area highlighting.  
So whilst this is in no way an essential to anyone’s make-up collection, I don’t regret buying it as it’s not only joyful to look at, but joyful to use too.  I haven’t even tried the Fix+ yet….
Available online at the Mac store here for £21.50.


  • Rachael
    February 11, 2012

    This looks really cute actually… Initially I was a bit dubious about the pink shimmer but the swatch looks lovely and the glitter looks less intense than my soft and gentle which I still adore.

    Great post!

    • BeautyGeekUK
      February 13, 2012

      Thanks Rachael, it does have a really lovely finish and the glitter is definitely minimal; I’d say it’s much more shimmery than glittery xx

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