BLEND Collective Unwinding Candle

BLEND Collective recently launched a range of themed body care products that are formulated using natural, essential oils.  The three themes are Enlivening, which aims to invigorate using blends of Sicilian Lemon, May Chang, Myrtle and Lime; Balancing, which is all about the calm using blends of Star Jasmine (a scent I personally really love), Geranium, Vetiver and Rose and lastly Unwinding, which, as the name suggests helps you to unwind using blends of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Neroli.  I really like the idea of themed products that utilise the benefits of essential oils and work together to set your mood.

I was given the opportunity to sample something from the range, so I chose the Unwinding Candle as firstly, I love anything that’s intention is to sooth and chill you out, but also because I’m still in my ‘wax love’ phase and I currently cannot get enough of candles.  I really think that they can totally transform a living space and complete a setting, plus there’s something indulgent about almost flavouring a room so it smells and feels the way you want it to; hopefully that makes sense!

The BLEND Collective candle comes in an understated yet chic white glass with black branding and a matte finish.  I really prefer candles to come in shades or clear glass as I like them to slip into my surroundings by looking classy without appearing intrusive.  The packaging for this candle is perfect as it’s sharp but still easy on the eye.  The candle itself is also white with a white wick and hand poured.

I would normally associate the word ‘Unwinding’ with something that gets you in the mood for sleep, but I’d say that this candle is more suited for living room space.  When I burn it I think of casual dinner parties and lazy summer Sundays.  I initially used this in my bedroom but I didn’t feel it suited the ambience I like to create in there (forgive me if I’m sounding a little pretentious at this point but I have a very specific scent requirement for my bedroom!) as the strong and punchy oils used in this need plenty of space to work their way around.  Therefore, when I started using it in my living room it all fit together perfectly and I love getting this going when I’m due company or as soon as I get in as it immediately delivers a sense of chilled-out calm.

One thing worth mentioning is that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck as you can burn this and still be aware of it’s scent a week later.  In a bigger space this is brilliant but in a smaller space it might prove a little too much.  The scent itself is strong without overpowering and quite gender neutral; there’s nothing too sickly or too masculine and so again this is why I feel it sits well in living room spaces.

I’m personally someone who leans towards preferring girly, floral and gentle scents which is why I’m usually quite dull with my candle purchases and tend towards Vanilla and Jasmine.  I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sure on the scent of this candle because it’s almost the antithesis of the aforementioned scents, but after having it going on several occasions in my living room I feel it’s an ideal ‘suits-all’ scent that is heavy enough to create an atmosphere that everyone will enjoy, without being so strong that people who might not be a fan of the oils used will find offensive.

The BLEND Collective candle offers 30 hours burn time, is priced at £25 and available at the BLEND Collective online store here.

*PR Sample



  • BreezeyBee
    April 3, 2012

    i love candles!
    this one seems like a good’ne


    BreezeyBee Blog

    • BeautyGeekUK
      April 3, 2012

      Oh me too; I’m obsessed at the moment! This one’s really lovely and so pretty too xx

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