Omorovicza Copper Peel

Omorovicza is a brand that piqued my interest the moment I first read BBB’s review on the Copper Peel.  Firstly, the product range appears to be sensibly formulated with no unreasonable promises and instead contains carefully selected ingredients that work in harmony with the main selling point of the brand, which is the Mineral Cosmotology.  I won’t bore you with a long explanation, but the crux of the formulation is the Hungarian Mineral Water which has been proven to have a powerful effect on skin and is present in all Omorovicza products.

I’m currently trialling two Omorovicza products, one of which is the BB Cream, but today I’ll share my experience with the Copper Peel.  I was really excited to try this as Copper is a renowned healer for blemish-prone skin and is consequently a very popular ingredient for skins like mine.

The Copper Peel treatment is done in two phases; firstly you apply the Copper Peel Paste which is a thick, grainy, balm that you massage into the skin for a couple of minutes.  It feels a little like a thick version of Eve Lom’s cleanser, although more grainy and therefore more exfoliating.  It has a really luxurious feel, spreads over the skin with ease and if you’re prone to tightness (which I am recently, another joyful skin issue to add to the list!) then any tight feeling completely melts away.  It’s recommended you massage the paste for two minutes, but it’s such a lovely, pampering feeling that I tend to go for a few more minutes as I really enjoy working it around my skin.

The second phase involves the Activator which is a thin gel with the main ingredient (after the Hungarian Thermal Water) being Lactic Acid.  This is the peel element of the treatment as Lactic Acid is one of the more gentle acids in the AHA family (which also contains the more widely known Glycolic Acid) and therefore is an easy acid for most skins to tolerate.  You apply the Activator over the Copper Peel Paste and together the two products create a very light foam.  The combination doesn’t sting, although it does feel like a peel getting to work and you feel a slight tingling sensation as the foam is created.  You again work this around the facial skin for a couple of minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off.  

Left Copper Peel Paste, right Activator. 

Immediately skin looks and feels brighter and smoother and my spots were definitely left looking less angry and more sedated.  You do need a boost of moisture after using this (I personally favour something a little on the oily side to continue the pampering experience) but results are fast and skin still shows the benefits for several days after the treatment.  I’ve been using this religiously once a week for the past three weeks as my skin is pure e-vil at the moment and you can really see the impact on my skin following a treatment; skin looks calmer, fresher, all flakies are gone and spots have that ‘treated’ feel as if you’ve been working hard at them with a good quality spot-fighter.

Same as above worked into the skin. 

The price of the Copper Peel kit is £82 which is not cheap by anyone’s standards.  However, in the kit you get 16 vials in total (8 vials of each treatment) and I’ve found that each set of vials easily covers 3 treatments.  As I mentioned, I’ve been using this for three weeks and I’m only just about to start the second set of vials tonight.  So on that basis you end up with 24 treatments from each kit which works out at under £3.50 a treatment.  I don’t even think you can get a decent face mask from Boots for that!  There’s no denying that this is a investment kit – something you spend a bit of money on and get a lot of use out of – but £82 for around 6 months worth of quality weekly treatments is money well spent in my eyes.

Omorovicza Copper Peel is available online or in store at Harvey Nichols.  If you’re a Skincare Junkie like me then I highly recommend visiting their site to check-out their seriously covetable range of products.

Disclosure:  PR Samples sent for the benefit of this review.  



  • Georgia Tait
    July 3, 2012

    Oh wow I’d love if I could afford this, looks amazing.x

  • BeautyGeekUK
    July 3, 2012

    Yeah it’s definitely an investment piece, but with certain things I think you get what you pay for and this kit will definitely last xx

  • PamperedPrince
    July 3, 2012

    I’ve never tried anything from this range but another bblogger I follow is obsessed with them! He uses the BB cream you mentioned too.
    I’m a little scared of AHA type peels though as had a bad experience with glycolic acid peels before. I seem to get better results from enzymes but they’re not as instantaneous that AHA’s.
    Great post 🙂

  • BeautyGeekUK
    July 3, 2012

    Thanks honey! I am seriously in love with this range; the BB Cream is fab! If you need something gentle then Lactic Acid (like in this peel) is a great place to start as it’s really gentle; I’m fairly confident it comes from milk! xx

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