London IMATS 2013 Purchases and Overview

London IMATS 2013PIN IT

IMATS is one of the most fantastic days out for anyone who loves their beauty products.  If you’re a beauty junkie of any kind then you’ll arrive there feeling like the mothership has called you home.  I had terrible travel sickness (another joyful aspect of pregnancy) but once I entered Olympia (where London IMATS 2013 was held this year) my eyes fell upon the rows upon rows of make-up brushes, stands full of every shade of lipstick…and I started to feel much better.  I didn’t do too well at snapping away a the amazing, theatrical make-up displays that adorned the entire exhibition, but if you fancy checking out some truly awesome pictures from the event, then head on over to Jayne’s post here.

On to my purchases! I was extremely sensible and only binged ever so slightly at Nars, but the rest of my purchases were either pre-planned when researching the event, or products I’d intended to buy online.  If you want to see what a serious Nars binge looks like, you might want to see what Grace purchased here, where you’ll also find some fantastic images of the show itself.

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer in #1 

MUFE HD Primer in No.1 GreenPIN IT


A silky, green-toned primer designed to neutralise redness whilst prepping skin for coverage.


It has been a while since I tried anything green for make-up, in fact I used to use it to fake sickies at boarding school (in powder form, a little around the chin and mouth area gives that “will throw up at any moment” look) but the MUFE assistant said it would make a big difference for me, since the reason I needed such high coverage products was due to the redness in the pigmentation.

First Impressions?

This is a revelation! I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made.  It’s bright green when it comes out and when built up it can look a little green, but under foundation (or even super light BB Creams) it doesn’t show green at all and instead reduces the redness of my post-acne scars amazingly well.  I’ll be reviewing this fully soon.

MUFE HD High Definition Foundation in 117

MUFE HD Foundation 117 PIN IT


A high definition foundation that provides medium to high coverage and is available in an impressive array of shades.  It’s designed to offer such a good finish that it will hold up under HD cameras.


This was the one thing that I would not leave IMATS without as I’ve been reading about it for years, but as it’s really not cheap, I wasn’t keen to buy without getting shade matched first.  I was lucky enough to have a very helpful (albeit rushed off her feet) assistant who matched me to this shade and it is spot on for my Mac N15-20 skin tone.

First Impressions? 

Thankfully very positive.  This offers the most lovely finish that’s just the right side of dewy and the coverage is very buildable, plus the shade match is flawless.  I’m confident this’ll be a repurchase for me, however I might have to try and eke it out until the next IMATS as full priced it’s at just under £31.

MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream in 6

MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream in 6PIN IT


A full coverage concealer designed for use on both blemishes and under the eyes, although reports suggest that it’s too dry for the under eye area.


I was in the grips of a MUFE binge and as there was I think about 20% off (although I might have worked that out wrong) I thought this would make a welcome addition to my kit.  I bought it blind as I hadn’t read anything about it online, but I again asked my lovely assistant to shade match me and 6 is again spot on.

First Impressions?

Not blown away but I haven’t given up hope yet! I do need to try it with some other products and I’ve only used it with a beauty blender so far, which might not be ideal.  I’ll report back if I manage to improve my experience of it with a different application technique.

Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder in Fair 

Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder in Fair PIN IT


An industry favourite; a powder that apparently cannot be beaten for setting make-up in place.


I’ve read lots about the “Banana” version of this but I knew that shade would be wrong for me, so I decided to try it in something more shade appropriate.

First Impressions?

Really impressed and quite surprised as well; it keeps make-up in place without leaving skin looking chalky, can be buffed in easily and also, surprisingly, offers a tad more coverage.  Plus it’s an absolute bargain as you get loads for your money.  I think the one in this picture was about a fiver.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray in Original 

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray in Original PIN IT


A setting spray that keeps make-up in position for up to 16 hours.  It’s available in three variants, oily, dry or original.


Again, it’s another raved about product that I’ve been wanting to try for ages. I was worried the oily might dry me out and the dry might make me look too greasy, so I thought original was the way forward for me.

First Impressions?

I’m still quite undecided and to be honest I haven’t used it enough to give it any real review; I’ve been trying the other products to see how they lasted without the aid of a setting spray, but I will report back when I’ve used it more.

Nars Goodies

Nars GoodiesPIN IT


Cream Blush in Lokoum, Cream Eyeshadow in Mykonos and Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never.


The Nars deals to be found at IMATS this year were just astonishing; to give you an idea, there was a large table set up where everything was 60%-80% off, meaning that things that would normally cost £20-22 were available for £7-£8.  It would’ve been rude not to take advantage!

First Impressions?

More products that I haven’t had a chance to tuck into yet, but I’m looking forward to putting them all together as a look which I’ll hopefully do as an FOTD.

There we have it! I binged and I binged good.  I’m so happy I finally got my hands on some MUFE products and I’ll definitely be going back next year with another shopping list, and Grace in tow to make me feel all restrained and whatnot.

*I attended IMATS on a press pass.



  • Laura Pearson-Smith
    June 27, 2013

    I am sooo jealous of the 60% off at Nars. I’d have gone mad!
    Laura from Twinkle Style & Travel Magazine and A Life With Frills

  • Niki
    June 27, 2013

    This is a great haul!!! Need to try some of those MFU products!!!

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