Seventeen Lip Crayons in Bold and Heartbreaker

Seventeen Lip CrayonsPIN IT

I’ll admit that when the press release came through for the new Seventeen Lip Crayons I was a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing, feeling that the market for Chubby-style lip products is well and truly saturated.  However, having always been a Seventeen fan I read on to see what was what, then I saw the shades available and figured they were definitely worth investigating further.


Turns out, they are seriously good and another winner for high-street favourite and extremely purse-friendly Seventeen make-up.  They’re solid, easy to wear and available in some universally flattering shades, albeit the shade range is a little limited with only five available.   The two I was sent are Bold (coral orange) and Heartbreaker (red-leaning berry) and the three other shades are Superstar (nude), Playful (pink) and Knockout (pink-leaning berry); for arm swatches of the other shades head over to Mez’s blog post here.

Seventeen Lip Crayons BoldPIN IT

I’ll start with Bold as it’s a bit of an interesting shade.  Firstly, it’s worth noting that I would never normally go anywhere near anything so orange due to the fact that I was a smoker for such a long time, so anything orange will show up smoker stains on my teeth.  Not just that, I didn’t really think it was the sort of shade I could pull off, but I’ve recently been trying to keep a really open mind with regards to colour, and I’m actually really loving orange eyes and cheeks together, which are strangely flattering shades for me! Obviously when I say “orange” I mean peachy, tangerine shades rather than anything neon, but for us paleys it’s definitely a look to consider.

Seventeen Lip Crayons HeartbreakerPIN IT

Heartbreaker is a shade much more after my own heart as it’s such a lovely shade of berry red.  I heartily recommend considering this if you’re considering AW13 trends as we’ll be having a follow-up to last years’ berry lips, however this seasonal take will have lips a little more merlot/cranberry/red-leaning than pure berry, so Heartbreaker is perfect for that.

Top Heartbreaker, bottom Bold.

PIN IT Top Heartbreaker, bottom Bold.


Both shades are easy to wear due to the glossy, moisturising, gentle colour that, even though fairly opaque, stays soft enough to stop the finished look being too harsh or overbearing, meaning that you could team either of these shades with fairly strong eyes without a lips/eyes conflict.  However, they are still bright shades so tread carefully with that!


Definitely a good, solid offering from Seventeen that comfortably join the chubby market.  If they’d come along a little earlier I think people would be really raving about these, but it’s tricky to do so with so many variants already on offer.  It’s worth keeping these in mind if you’re looking for a lip crayon product as they pack a good payoff of colour whilst staying hydrating, and at £4.99 they’re extremely well-priced.  All available now from Boots.

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