Illamasqua Skin Base Lift

Illamasqua Skin Base Lift White Light and Light 2PIN IT

I mentioned briefly in my introduction to The Sacred Hour, Illamasqua’s latest launch, that there was one product I felt deserved its own post, and that’s Skin Base Lift, which is a new line of illuminating and brightening concealers designed to work in harmony with Skin Base Foundation and Hydra Veil.

Illamasqua Skin Base, Hydra Veil and Skin Base LiftPIN IT

The range consists of seven shades of total, all of which are flesh-toned (Light 1 and 2, Medium 1 and 2 and Deep 1 and 2) apart from the White Light shade which, as the name suggests, is pure white.  The other six shades all contain warm peach tones to flatter skin, making these ideal for dealing with the often tricky under eye area.

Illamasqua Skin Base LiftPIN IT

The White Light shade is particularly exciting as it works to cancel out any colour underneath, therefore creating a bit of a colourless canvas to start on with other shades of concealing products; it’s a bit like a more hardcore take on Bobbi Brown’s corrector.  It works fantastically well as it isn’t too stark and instead just gently lifts the colour, so applied correctly it’d work as an effective highlighter too.  I’m also thinking it might work rather well to cancel out redness on acne marks, so I’ll give that a go and get back to you!

Top make-up free, middle with White Light, bottom with White Light and Light 2.

PIN IT Top make-up free, middle with White Light, bottom with White Light and Light 2.


The formula is creamy, slightly slippery and easy to work with.  It’d do well with a bit of primer as it did tend to settle into my fine lines, but pretty much everything does with me unfortunately.  It lasted really well, looked natural and yet performed as an effective under eye brightener and shadow concealer.  This is a line I think people will get very excited about, but if you’re thinking to yourself that you really don’t need another under eye concealer, I recommend at least investing in White Light as I can see it being one of those products that becomes multi-purpose and kit-worthy very quickly.

Left Light 2, right White Light.

PIN IT Left Light 2, right White Light.


Skin Base Lift is available now from Selfridges, and will be available online from Illamasqua 19th August 2013 for £16.

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