Quick Pick Tuesday: Johnson’s Baby Light Oil Spray

 Johnson's Baby Light Oil SprayPIN ITDon’t worry, I’m not yet ready to start making premature baby recommendations, and even when the Little Man arrives, I’ll be sure to keep baby product posts to a minimum.  If you have one of those crazy, elephant-like memories, then you’ll know that quite some time ago I wrote up my thoughts on products that create the perfect shave, and one of these was Johnson’s Baby Oil, which I recommend using in place of a shaving cream.

The downside of using oil is that it makes things very slippery, and you end up going through it extremely quickly.  Thankfully, there’s a new playa’ in town in the form of Baby Light Oil Spray, which makes specific oil application much neater and has made shaving sooooo much easier for me; the timing couldn’t be better as I’m struggling to reach my ankles as it is, without having to reach down and rub in oil, so a spray format has been most welcome.

The oil itself is nice and light, and I would imagine works very well in place of a body moisturiser or to create a sheen on skin; ideal for summer since we’re baring more flesh.  Lastly, I also recommend spraying this copiously over feet before sticking on a pair of socks and going to bed, which will result in some seriously soft feet come the morning.  Baby Oil, in all it’s formats, is one of those products that will always be featured in my beauty cabinet as it’ll always have a use, and I really like the spray version for making application a breeze; and at £3.11 for 200ml, it’s a total beauty steal.  Johnson’s Baby Light Oil Spray is available now. 

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  • sherken
    August 16, 2013

    I bought this recently and I really like it. I spray it onto my hands first, as you can end up with slippery floors when you spray it directly onto your body!
    Do you remember Johnson’s Baby Oil Mousse? This was a fantastic product that I used in the 80s but it was discontinued… 🙁

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