Instagram Weekly No.17

It seems like only a few weeks ago that I started these Instagram Weekly posts, so I can’t believe I’m on no. 17 already! It’s been a good week for beauty (for me) as there have been lots of new arrivals for me to get excited about.  Don’t forget, you can check out these uploads as they happen (the excitement!!) on my Instagram feed here (@beautygeeksascha).

Instagram Weekly No.17


Top Row

Started the week (and then finished the week too) with a GlamGlow SuperMud session, full review here

Japonesque have officially launched their colour range and it is gorgeous! 

A sneaky look at one of the Boots No7 Christmas gifts.  

Middle Row

Biore sent me a healthy hamper packed full of gorgeous detoxing goodies.  That cucumber and lemon water was amazing!

Yes, I really do have the most beautiful Pug who is doing a stand-up job at looking after me during pregnancy. 

This is a sharing platter.  You know that just because it’s called a “sharing platter” doesn’t actually mean you have to share it? 

Bottom Row

Wonderful delivery of Liz Earle goodies which I’ll be making a start on shortly. 

Check out this stunner of a neutrals palette from…Avon!! Who saw that coming?! 

So excited to start on the Baby Face soap tonight as its main ingredient is donkey milk which is packed full of lactic acid.

Lots of new products to try and write about; I really am so lucky! Next week I’m having a baby (as you do), so I’m thinking No.18 might be the last one for a few weeks, but you never know…find me on Instagram here as @beautygeeksascha



  1. Jo
    October 28, 2013 / 6:39 PM

    How cool that you can say ‘next week I’ll be having a baby’ 🙂 so excited for you, being a mummy rocks x

    • Sascha BG
      October 29, 2013 / 12:57 PM

      I know! I’m so excited and a little bit terrified 😉 Thanks so much Jo xx

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