12 Gifts of Christmas: Charity Donations

Christmas Charity Donations

Ahhh charidee; the gift that keeps on giving.  I realise it’s a tad obnoxious and/or self-righteous to include a list of charities in my Christmas gift guide, but to be honest I’d be extremely happy to receive a donation in my name for a charity I love as a Christmas present, so on that basis I thought I’d list some of my favourites to see if any of them struck a chord with you guys…plus, if you’ve forgotten to buy for someone or have an annoying friend who’s really hard to buy for then a charity donation – either one off or monthly – is a gorgeous idea in my opinion.  Rather predictably, the charities I’ve listed here are mostly children and animal charities, although I’ve included The Salvation Army too.

Great Ormond Street Hospital 


My beautiful Teddy is currently being treated at GOSH for his Talipes, and I was also treated here for my various disabilities up until the age of about 12, so Great Ormond Street has a special place in my heart as it really is an amazing hospital packed full of some of the best specialists in the world, and I think that us Brits are extremely lucky to have it here.  To donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital, head here.

Cats Protection

catsprotection logo

I’m being a bit self-indulgent with this list as Cats Protection is another charity I love; not just because I have and love cats, but also because I worked for them during my first degree and it was such a pleasure to work there.  If you’re a cat lover, being paid to spend a few hours every few days just hanging out with the cats (can you imagine what kitten season was like??) was a dream come true! Not once in the entire time I was there were they not completely overstretched and having to squeeze cats in to try and find them homes, and this was before the economy dipped again which has resulted in a lot of abandoned cats, so if you can spare a few bob to help them out, please donate to Cats Protection here.

Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust Logo

More children love for this charity, which funds extra support and help for families with terminally ill children.  Since Teddy arrived (I like to say “since Teddy landed” to confuse people) I’ve become so aware of just how lucky we are with him; yes he currently has dodgy feet that are being treated, but of all the awful things he could’ve had, we’ve been extremely and exceptionally fortunate that nothing is going to stop him hopefully enjoying a full and long life. If you want to donate to the Rainbow Trust, head here.



I’m sure we’re all familiar with the work of the NSPCC, but just in case, they’re a charity who work to prevent cruelty to children.  The idea that there are people out there who willingly harm or hurt children and even babies, honestly makes me feel physically sick, so I’m reassured by the existence of the NSPCC.  To donate to the NSPCC head here.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Last but not least we have The Salvation Army who are extremely important at this time of year as they help the homeless with extra care, warmth, clothing and food, although keep in mind that they do a lot more all year round.  If you’re sitting at a computer reading this then chances are you’re like me; extremely lucky to have a home, family and food this Christmas, but of course there are many who don’t and that’s where The Salvation Army come in.  To donate to The Salvation Army  head here.

There we have a list of five charities that I think are worthy of an extra bit of help this Christmas, and who will hopefully benefit from a donation as a gift from some of you lovely people.


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  1. Mary
    December 24, 2013 / 5:08 PM

    Great Ormond Street do an amazing job. I’ve seen the running of the place on TV a few times and I always feel so sad for the poor children there. I adore babies and children and will always look out for them above all. It breaks your heart for children not to have a healthy and happy life.
    Also another charity that I think of is Cancer Research as that is the most cruel of illnesses and the sooner we find more cures the better.

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