12 Gifts of Christmas: Tromborg Try Me Kit

12 Gifts of Christmas: Tromborg Try Me Kit

Yup, so I’m quite aware of the fact that I’m speedily running out of time for my 12 Gifts of Christmas series to actually finish before Christmas (not sure it’ll have quite the same impact if I were to carry it on afterwards…) so on that basis I’m publishing two today.  HOW EXCITING.  This post looks at the Tromborg Try Me Kit; a rather charming set of decent sized minis that work as an introduction to this Scandinavian brand that recently arrived on UK shores.


The Tromborg Try Me Kit consists of six 50ml products: Bath and Shower Gel, Deluxe Soap, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleansing Water, so it’s a nice breakaway from the usual shower gel and body lotion combo that try me kits often contain; I’m especially pleased to see the inclusion of a cleansing water and a separate shampoo and conditioner, as I think the full six products work really well as a comprehensive introduction to the brand.


Aesthetically it’s very unisex, making this a great set for both men and women and I also like the extremely sturdy pull-0ut box that the products come presented in.  Each bottle is also push-top so they’re nice and easy to work with in the shower; no irritating screwing and unscrewing of fiddly little bottle tops here! The set is available now from Debenhams.  I need to double-check the price point, so I’ll update as soon as I know.

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