Love Boo Baby Skincare

Love Boo Baby Skincare


I was very lucky during my pregnancy as I was sent quite a bit of product focused around pregnancy and newborn baby care.  However, to be completely frank I found it all a bit dull as there’s only so excited you can get about variants of baby wash.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to use products on Teddy that are kind to his skin and won’t cause any issues, but really, there’s nothing there to get the blood rushing and the heart pumping; send  me a new lipstick or foundation any day!

Having said that, literally the only brand to pique my interest was Love Boo and that was for a very specific reason; the Bottom Butter.  Before Teddy arrived I’d decided not to use Sudocrem on Teddy as I’d read quite a few reviews saying that it can cause skin issues and contains problematic ingredients.  However, I was pretty much bullied into using it by everyone involved as every nurse or midwife recommends it and it’s just everywhere, so I gave in and used it.  It made Teddy’s bum sting, I felt horribly guilty and there we have my little Sudocrem story! Therefore when the Love Boo Soothing Bottom Butter made an appearance I could not have been happier.  However, let me introduce you to the other two products I love from the range:

Magic Balm


This isn’t technically a product aimed at babies, but it’s safe for use on their sensitive skin.  Some of you will know that Teddy was in leg casts for a few weeks and when they came off he had very dry skin on his thighs.  It took literally two applications of this Magic Balm to completely eradicate the dry skin.  It’s a salve quite similar to Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and can be used for cuticles and dry skin etc.  Out of the three products I’m posted about this is my least favourite, for no reason other than the other two are just fantastic.  This is £12.99 – link.

Very Gentle Top-to-Toe Wash


If you’re gutted your baby has lost that ‘new baby smell’ then this is the way to recapture it! It leaves Teddy with this incredibly soft scent that to me is the very definition of that infamous baby scent.  It’s such a gentle wash that gives Teddy lovely, fluffy hair and smooth, soft skin that feels clean and nourished without a hint of dryness. I love both the scent and finish of this product and I look forward to using it, mainly for the hair fluffiness but also for the smell.  It’s £7.99 – link.

Soothing Bottom Butter


If you buy one thing for your baby, or your friend’s baby or your workmate’s baby then make it this amazing Bottom Butter.  It’s basically Sudocrem without the nasties and with a gorgeous smell; it looks, feels and acts like Sudocrem in that it soothes nappy rash and keeps the area clean and calm, but without the horrible stinging or unpleasant ingredients. The difference was immediately obvious as Teddy didn’t cry when I applied it and it leaves his bum feeling and looking soft and rash-free.

Love Boo Soothing Bottom Butter

I cannot recommend this enough and I will definitely be repurchasing.  It looks tiny on arrival but I’d say a pot of this would last you 3-4 months, making it a steal at £8.99 – link.  I doubt I’ll ever use anything else on Teddy’s bum!

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