Five Uses for the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster


Something slightly different today which will give you an insight into my thought process when I can’t sleep.  I love the concept of the Dermalogica Boosters as I think they’re a clever way of fine-tuning your skincare routine.  If you’re generally happy with your routine but find your skin is feeling slightly drier than usual then add the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster.  In the same sense, if your skin is generally fine but you’ve noticed a couple of breakouts then try adding the Special Clearing Booster to your routine.  My skin is tricky, as readers will know, and I’m constantly battling to keep it balanced, so these boosters allow me to very gently tip the scales in one direction or the other to get the balance just right; they’re very clever skincare additions!

The Skin Hydrating Booster is a product that I think most people would find extremely handy to have in their kit.  It’s described as a “super-saturated hydrating fluid” which I think describes it well, as it’s designed to boost the hydration levels of your other skincare products which allows them to perform more effectively.  It’s a great little all-rounder and a few nights ago I was thinking of all the things you could use it for, so here’s what I came up with:


1.  As mentioned, it boost your other hydrators so applying it in a layer before you apply your moisturiser is a good way to pack on the hydration and really moisturise the skin.  This is probably the most common way it’s used, so I thought I’d lead with that.

2.  If you’re in a hurry or find your usual moisturiser isn’t feeling as nourishing as usual then adding a few drops of this to the cream will give it a boost (hence the name) and allow you to stick with your usual skincare routine with just a little extra added.

3.  Applying a layer of this under a moisturising mask is a great way to make full use of the ingredients in both products – this is also a handy thing to do with the Special Clearing Booster.  If you have combination skin but like to use spot-fighting masks, you can use this as a barrier on the areas of your face that are prone to dryness – just apply it and let it dry before using your mask.

4.  If you’re using spot treatments that you’re finding too drying then adding a drop or two of this will take the edge off.  It’s a really easy product to mix in with other things so I find just adding it the product within the palm of my hand is the simplest way to do it.

5.  Finally, if you’ve had a recent breakout that’s at that horrible, dry, cakey phase that’s a nightmare to conceal, a drop of this gently worked into the spot will soften it just enough to make concealing a lot easier.  Just be gentle with rubbing it in as obviously you don’t want to open up the spot again!

There you have it – if you already have the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster in your collection then hopefully I’ve given you some more ideas on how to use it.  If you haven’t then don’t forget Dermalogica stockists have samples available, so you can give this a go first to make sure your skin likes it before committing to the expense.  It’s £52.20 here – link.  Not the cheapest but that’s for 30ml which will last you absolutely ages considering you use 1-2 drops a time.

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