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When I first heard of the Pink Parcel I thought it sounded quite good and was happy to find out more, but I’m really surprised with just how much it’s exceeded my expectations as it really is a fab idea! To summarise, Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service designed to ease the burden of periods in two ways; firstly, it contains a bunch of tampons so you don’t have to worry about stocking up and secondly, it also includes some goodies to cheer you up and ease the burden of the dreaded monthlies.

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The Pink Parcel is beautifully presented in a box that contains 4 items: a travel-friendly bag containing a few tampons to keep in your handbag for when your period starts just in case you’re caught off guard, two boxes of your tampon stash and one box containing your cheer-up goodies.

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When you subscribe, you select your preferred tampon brand from either Tampax, Lil-Lets or the rather funky American U by Kotex which was what I was sent.  You then decide whether you want one fixed level of absorbency which will mean you’re sent a batch of tampons that are all one level – great if you’re someone who has a light period and only ever needs the smaller tampons – or a mixed batch of varying absorbencies to see you through the different days of your period, which is what I’d go for since I tend to start light before getting very heavy, so I need a good mix of levels.

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Needing a mix of absorbencies means I do spend quite a bit on tampons every month, so if you’re like me then Pink Parcel could be the answer.  The tampons are presented in a little bag, as I mentioned previously, as well as in two very discreet boxes that can be very easily stored obviously at home without looking like a box of tampons! I’m not sure why they come in two boxes rather than one, but I’m thinking it might be so you can spread them out a bit or store them at different places, such as home, work, car or boyfriend’s home, etc.

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That’s the practical and rather fabulous element aside, now on to the goodies that are included.  In this month’s box there were six things in total: an Elizabeth Arden mascara, a Witch moisturiser, a Garnier primer, a mini Doisy and Dam chocolate bar, a Teapigs teabag and a voucher for a glass of champagne at Cafe Rouge.  Not bad eh?!  I was really impressed with these goodies as I think they’re really lovely and definitely cheered me up!

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My thoughts are that even without the additional beauty goodies, this is a great little service.  So many times I’ve had to panic about getting tampons and I somehow always seem to be short of one absorbency (which is always the one I need, obvs) so this is a wonderful way to take the worry and faff out of remembering to stock up.  Yes it is a bit of a luxury, but it’s well priced and very affordable for most people I think.

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If I could improve Pink Parcel at all I’d say the inclusion of a couple of sanitary pads would perfect it as I think most people use them during their period, for example at night when you’re not too sure if a tampon will see you through.  The inclusion of these would ensure you wouldn’t have to worry at all about buying any period stuff which would be great.

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The Pink Parcel is £9.95 which includes postage and packaging, so that’s the full price for either the single of multi absorbency packages.  There’s currently a deal on for £5.95 for your first month.  Head here – link – for more info.

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