Philosophy 5 Piece Luxe Layering Collection – TSV on QVC


If you’re a Philosophy fan then HOLY MOLY have I got some exciting news for you.  This Saturday, 18.10.14, there’s a Today’s Special Value (TSV) going live on QVC for the Philosophy 5 Piece Luxe Layering Collection which contains 4 full-sized Philosophy products – 2 of which are brand new – and 1 of which is a ‘special size’ which to me sounds like it’s going to be small, but it’s still 240ml so not exactly tiny! The whole collection is housed in a really lovely sparkly silver case that’s large enough to actually be useful – a rarity for such promotions usually.


You can pick between two fragrance choices; Pure Grace – “a light veil of fresh soap and water notes with a crisp finish, this universal scent is clean, refreshing and delightfully modern” or Amazing Grace which is the set I have and it’s extremely pretty, feminine and floral.  The idea behind the kit is that it supplies you everything you need to layer up the fragrance which works so well as you end up getting gentle hits of the scent at different times throughout the day; I’d find myself thinking “what’s that lovely smell?” before realising that the lovely smell was me!


Let’s have a closer look at what’s included in the collection.  First up there’s the ‘special sized’ Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel which as you can see, is the same size as the full-sized Olive Oil Body Scrub to your right, the latter of which is one of the two new products and it’s more of a creamy version of the Philosophy scrub.  Fun fact (sort of…) Philosophy Amazing Grace body scrub was the first ever body scrub I used right to the very end as it was such a lovely balance of scrub and scent.  The new Olive Oil one places more focus on moisturising the skin rather than scrubbing it which is great as it leaves skin feeling really soft, but if you’re after a rough ol’ scrub then you’ll need something with a bit more oomph.  The pot in the middle is the Whipped Body Cream which is also 240ml.


The second of the new launches is the Satin Finish Dry Body Oil.  This is quite possibly the best body oil spray I’ve ever used as it really is dry yet moisturising; you spray it and there’s no film, just moisturised and lightly scented skin.  I’m going to melt through this as it’s especially lovely sprayed on hands and feet as it’s very delicate yet highly effective.  Last is the final product in the layering experience, which is the EDT, of which you get 60ml.  Amazing Grace is such a fresh and pretty fragrance and even taking the layering approach you’re not overloading yourself with the scent and instead just ensuring a regular release throughout the day.  They’ve also included a few sample sachets of their cult products.  I really recommend this kit if you’re a Philosophy fan and I’m astounded by the value.  The whole lot is worth 102.52 but the TSV will be £39.96.  £39.96!!!  I can’t believe it’s going on for so little, so I’m guessing it’ll sell out pretty quickly.  The QVC show times starting tomorrow are midnight, 0100, 0900, 1100, 1400, 1700, 2000 and 2200.  Find out more about Philosophy here – link – and QVC beauty here – link.



  • jolkag78
    October 26, 2014

    I ordered Pure Grace and can’t wait to get it. it will take a while, cos by the time i decided to buy it it gone, so ordered thrue advanced buy;)

    • Sascha
      October 30, 2014

      I am seriously in love with my collection and I’m really enjoying the whole layering experience, so it’s a great set xx

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