Lee Stafford New Launches November 2014


There are eight new arrivals to the already mahoosive Lee Stafford range – honestly it’s worth visiting his site just to see how vast his collection is; there are categories, sub-categories and within each of these are long lists of products.  The newest arrivals cover mostly products, brushes and products within brushes…


There are two new brushes that add-on to the Argan Oil range as they are both infused with the oil.  First up is the Argan Oil Paddle Brush which is a lovely, sturdy brush that combs and smooths even very tangled hair.  I often find smoothing paddle brushes can make my hair static, but this one doesn’t which I’m assuming is down to the Argan Oil.  Hair feels soft without any greasy residue, so if you have shoulder-length to long hair then this a great brush for you at £9.99.  Next is the Argan Oil Triangular Tension Tamer which is a tricky one to describe, but it’s designed in a triangular shape which allows it to grip hair during a blow-dry without you having to keep winding the hair around the brush.  Basically it creates a tension with the angles that’s much harder to achieve with a round brush.  It’s also infused with Argan Oil and costs £14.99.


Speaking of Argan Oil, there are three new products in the Argan Oil from Morocco range; Pre-Shampoo Treatment, of which I am very excited about as I love a pre-wash, Glossing Blow Dry Gel which is an awesome product for adding a bit more guts to the hair without any residue and the Ultra Hydration Lotion which is designed to hydrate and smooth hair.  The price ranges are from £10.99 to £16.99.


Last are the new additions to the pink brushes line, which include three new arrivals; the Colour Therapy Sectioning Tail Comb which is a waste on me, but great for anyone who colours at home, or those who like a sharp parting, the Frizz Off Square Root Brush which follows a similar approach to the Triangular Tension Tamer and the most exciting of all the launches, the My Big Fat Bouncy Brush which is a fantastic brush for adding serious volume and movement – it grabs hair and lifts it right up so the hairdryer gets well into the roots, making it ideal for anyone who likes a bit of texture; the duo of this brush and the Glossing Blow Dry Gel made for serious volume for me! The brushes start at £3.49 for the comb, with the other two being £14.99 each.  The whole range is available at Boots – link.

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