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Even though contouring has been around for a while, I think 2014 was the year that contouring really took off, becoming far more accessible and achievable for those of us who don’t have makeup artists available for daily help.  Certainly it’s only been this year that I’ve really started taking contouring seriously and I’m an ideal candidate for it since I have a long face and a big nose, both of which benefit from some serious contouring! Studio 10 is a brand that focuses completely on the benefit of enhancing, sculpting and radiance-boosting which takes advantage of techniques such as contouring and colour-correcting to give you that perfected, clean base that we all want, but few of know how to achieve.  The Studio 10 range addresses this with a collection of products and palettes that are designed to not only flatter, but also be easy to use and slot into your existing make-up routine.


As someone who wears make-up mostly to conceal and enhance on a day-to-day basis, the Studio 10 line really speaks to me.  It’s an intelligent line that’s exciting in the first instance but very quickly becomes practical and essential.  I’ve been having a play with a few of the products and the one I’m most excited about is the Visible Lift Face Definer which is the ultimate contouring palette containing a cream blusher, a cream highlighter and the most perfect powder contouring product that I’ve come across in a while! I don’t want to launch into too much detail as I’ll be reviewing it with swatches soon, but it’s safe to say that it’s a truly wonderful product that I would imagine is a bit of a hero product for the range.  In the meantime, check it out here – link.


The next product I’m extremely keen on is the Age Defy Skin Perfector, a palette of five products designed to correct and conceal (a primer, 2 concealers and 2 colour correctors) to aid in creating that perfect finish.  The palette I have is the medium shade and a little too dark for me, but I will have the lighter one soon so I’ll share with you comparison swatches to give you a better idea of shades.  As someone who has a lot of redness to cover and who relies heavily on all manner of colour-correctors, I am very happy to have a green concealer in my kit! More info here – link.


Lastly, the Double Ended Face Brush is a start for contouring even though it’s designed more for foundation application (which I’m guessing it’d be awesome for too) because the foundation brush end is finger shaped which allows you to really sculpt the cheekbones and forehead without leaving any harsh lines.  The other end of the brush is a medium sized stipple brush which I’ve been using to blend everything together, but it would work wonderfully for buffing in foundation too – in fact I really should try this brush for foundation application as I’m thinking it would be rather amazing.  It’s here – link.

What started out as just a quick intro to a brand has turned into a bit of an essay, so it’s safe to say I’m very keen on Studio 10.  The products are extremely good quality, the brushes are very exciting and I also love the fact that there are video guides on the site to help you get to grips with your products – a really nice touch.  I’ll be reviewing a few of the products in finer detail soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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