Glo-Minerals Corrective Camouflage Kit


My love affair with colour-correctors continues thanks to this brilliant product from glo-minerals, the Corrective Camouflage Kit, which is a small, square palette of 4 highly concentrated correctors.  When this first arrived, I thought it was a bit mean size-wise, but the colours are so pigmented that I don’t think I’ll melt through this as quickly as I first anticipated.


The four colours in the glo-minerals Corrective Camouflage Kit are yellow for counteracting red, pink and blue tones, mint for stronger reds and deeper blues such as bruises, severe pigmentation and port wine stains, neutral to do general concealing and lavender to counteract sallowness such as grey and green tinges as well as under eye bags in deeper skin tones.

GloMinerals Corrective Camouflage Kit - Before and AfterPIN IT

I use all three of the colour shades regularly and if I’m going for a really light base over the top, I also use the neutral, however it is a little dark on me so it’s the one I use the least out of the four.  The texture of these correctors is very creamy, blendable and highly pigmented, so they are absolutely brilliant and toning down colour. I use the yellow on my acne scars, the green on redness around my nose, the lavender around my eyes – they tend to look sallow rather than too blue so this tone brightens them up – and all these colours go on before my foundation.


In the first set of pictures I’m make-up free on the left, the middle picture is just these correctors, then the right picture is the full make-up finish.  I took the pictures in pretty harsh lighting so you could see the effect a bit better, which is why I’ve included the other picture in more natural light too.  If you have any redness in your skin at all that you need to tone down then this a truly fab kit to try; it impressed me far more than I expected it to, plus it’s actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be at £13.95 here – link.

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  • Milly Y
    January 14, 2015

    I’ve never even thought about using colour correcting products to be honest, but would love to give them a try! I’m really impressed with the price too 🙂

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    • Sascha
      Milly Y
      January 14, 2015

      Seriously, as someone who has rather tricky skin, colour correcting has changed my life! Well worth trying if you struggle to cover xx

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